At the Dawn of Midnight: Chapter 1

Emily Ratka

Aaaaand... we're back! Sorry for the removal of the first three chapters. I had something that came up which required me to remove them for a little while. They're back now. ^.^ Feel free to beat me over the head.

Sinner's Song Prelude: Calling the She-Demon

Crystal┬┤-una┬┤ Rodriguez

Still the Prelude, still much the same. It's the introduction to the madness.

Shaysiris 14

Kathryn Gromowski

MATURE CONTENT!!!! Ok, now that that's just about as clear as it gets...Look, more people history! And then an utterly loathesome dinner, followed by a very...interesting evening. Uploaded: 11/26/05

Patterns of Liesa Chapter Three

Jym Greenfield

Fun story entailing three youths enslaved to a House - a cross between a castle and a palace, belonging to a powerful and old family. All spells in Patterns of Liesa are untranslatable spells :)

Gone Chapter 3

Erica X. Aumand

dun dun dun the third chapter

Jake 2 - Revised 12/9/00

Andrew Casey

Jake finds a new home at a very special school away from everything he knows.

Of Alora Ulurien and Cararyn the Warrior - Chapters 11 and 12

Brittany Cade

The Legend - Chapter 1

Alessandra Meyer

This is (a rather long) chapter to a novel I'm trying to write. I think it's a little weak, I think I should work on the plot some more. Any suggestions? (The second chapter is coming soon. It still needs revisions.)

Phoenix Saga: Of Books and Friendships

Abbey Fitting

Phoenix 3 (sorry nothing new) changed a little, re-formatted the text. It looks different at least...And before you ask, i'm not sure yet...

In Quest For (Chapters VII, VIII, IX)

Astrid Schmidt

Another three chapters of 'In Quest For.' Again, there are a few spells, all self-explanatory, but here are the translations in case you want to know what exactly it means. I am doing this out of memory mainly, so I am sorry if I did any mistake in Latin somewhere - I never had Latin in school ;) Elabi ex oculis = to vanish out of sight; Claude = to close; Volatus et vincunum = flying/flight and binding; Debilatio = to paralyze; Coporis Motus = to be in motion; Gladius = sword; Cade = fall

A Poem to a Friend

Joshua Pizzey

This is a poem I thought up for a friend.

TToR Two

Adam Hunt

A man is haunted by gruesome memories that nothing seems to be able to drown away. He has come to the conclusion that revenge is the only way to allay the pain. Luckily for him, there is a vampyre hunter nearby under the same resolve. The difference between the two is immediately noticeable; he is a pathetic wretch, though somewhat justified, and she is a thread of iron, unbreakable and determined.

DF Chapter 3: Cross-Roads

Sallie Attaway

Third chapter, not much except my group breaking up, but don't worry they shall meet again. And tell me who your fave character is, I would LOVE to know!!

Muddled Magic

Emily Lacy-Nichols

Theran must overcome his mixed-up spellcasting if he is to save his kingdom and the feisty princess Alianore. Part One

The Valley of Truth

Neomi Geva

This is a relatively old story telling the story of how Diana, Dorland and Spudge met the gypsy Droof. I am now in the process of changing the story since now I have decided that Droof and Spudge knew each other before hand and met the other two together. Oh, and yea, Droof is not a gypsy name, and it is not his real name either. It's a nickname, just like Dorland's name and Spudge's. Droof's real name is Drayven.

Lost In Space

Nicole Anderson

I don't care that other people have used this name!!! Grr...I don't know what lead me to write this but, I did. It is NOT FINISHED though so please bare with me!

Chapter 2 - Unnmaed

Marie Page

Chapter 2 of Unnamed

Chapter 3 - Unnamed

Marie Page

Chapter 3 of unnamed.

Strange Companions (Poem)

Mary Bailey

This is an older free form poem I wrote as a gift for a newly discovered soul mate. A little story of a lonely wolf and an unexpected encounter that turns into so much more.

The Troll And The Elvyn Queen

Risiart Lloyd

A story about morals, who you can trust and who you can't.