Watcher in the Water

Mae Proudfoot


Tim: Part 2, Escape

Matthew Herbert

Tim has been turned into a frog. What's he going to do?


Laura Chase

... is a Tanka (longer version of a Haiku) that I wrote as an English project. I was thinking of someone like Cyrus or Glenn from Chrono Trigger.

Dreams of Night

Rhonda Jezek

I just finished typing this and haven't even proofed it yet but I thought I'd stick it up here anyway because it's a happy story and I so rarely write those.

Arianae's Promise

Sharon Black

Ember was so popular that I decided to do another fairy tale rewrite- this time, based on the story of the frog prince. See the resemblance? I know, I know, a lot of people are going to say they want more back story, but since I don't plan on doing more, then I'm just going to apologize in advance for it.

Limerick #2

Wayne Hingley

Just a limerick my daughter helped me come up with

Chapter 4 of the Whimsical Story

Raquel Boyce

A non-PC parody in which a bad writer attempts to chronicle his adventures. Disclaimer: please understand that I am playing with stereotypes, exaggerating some and totally reversing others. No hatred for anyone is intended. Thank-you. Besides. Fat people rock my face off.


Anna Panda' Simmons

Skoller is just the froggish spelling of Scholar. This is one of my earliest poems, and one of my favorites.

The Frog

Kristin Hawkins

This was a Shakespearean Sonnet Assaignment for my Creative Writting class. I love those random poems about not being able to write poetry!


T. Tyndell

My daughter requested another tale, so I wrote her a poem. Even though it's a bit sad, she laughed at the end, and I smiled the entire time writing it. Enjoy!

Tim: Part 1, Drink

Matthew Herbert

Don't go into strange woman's houses or...

A Day in the Life

Kehle Shandley

This one is a short one done in first person. The main character is Cythia Skyhawks, a famous reporter in the high fantasy city of Serenity.

Frog Princess

Shanna Schopmeyer

A quick adaptation of the fairy tale the Frog Price. Only this is my version of it. it's a narrative.

My Retelling of the Frog Prince

Shuo Chen

I've seen some retellings of fairy tales here's mine. Of the Frog Prince. I don't like it, so I probably won't be writing more. Sorry!

The Enchanted Pond

Jennifer Spies

Does this frog just want friends.....or a quick meal?

The Mysterious Golden Roses

Rose Nicholson

Being a young girl without a degree in writing my stories have some lousy beginings, but I think this one is an exception.


S. corbett

this is a really weird story that even I don't quite understand I just thought it was cool See if you can guess who is male and feamle in my mind. I wanted to keep it a secret. shhhh!

The Frog Prince

Corianne Wilson

Did anyone bother to ask if he wanted to be a Prince?

A Frog Joke

Wayne Hingley

Just a joke, hope it's fantasy enough to be posted.

The Royal Frog

Richard Starfield

This is a twist on the fairytale The Frog Prince, heavily inspired in style by Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes