Fall From Grace

Joshua Bacon

The final step into darkness. Androval's spectacular plummet from grace becomes more than his soul can bear. There is no redemption

Dream Escape

Sarah Wilson

This is the first chapter, theres no name to each chapter ...sorry -Mouse

Deep Scars - Chapter 1

Delray Faskey

A young warrior named Aerth finds his life turned upside down. Due to his failier to harness his power at a crucial moment in time, he must set out to fix his mistakes before the demons start the apocolypse of his planet, but to do so, he must first learn his true potential.

Epic - Vertigo Beach

Chris Poole

Read my friends.

The First Wolves

Colin Haynes

Creation Gods Earth Myth

From Wingless to Soaring Chapter 1

Emma Moel

Wow, so this story is going to have chapters then? Interesting... I have a lot of it done already, so updates won't take very long... Beautiful Amrit works at a Flight center as potion-maker. Xiang, looking for thrill, decides to Fly for a day. But when a simple mistake puts his life in danger, both receive more than they bargained for: an adventure that will change their lives.

From Wingless to Soaring Chapter 4

Emma Moel

Okay, so Amrit's going after him. But, obviously, Xiang has to be alive for her to be able to rescue him... Is he? Read on!

Wyvern’s Project Three

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

Better late than never they say, had some difficulties getting this up (file didn't work) hope it does now. At an unspecified point in Crescentia's future the dread Damardhel return from their exile, led by the fierce Grand Captain Valcain. However when Valcain returns to the shores of his ancestors he must confront the ghosts of his past. I'm very happy that I was included in the Wyvern's Project, though I must admit I'm not quite pleased with the result. Starting late I feel that the story became too rushed, and feel unfinished. Having only read it through once it is probably filled with errors, but for all its apparent faults it has one great advantage over most of my stories: it is finished! Something I do not accomplish often enough for my own liking.

From Wingless to Soaring Chapter 3

Emma Moel

Oh my, what now? PS: The last thing Seth says is quoted from 'Romeo and Juliet' by Shakespeare... Ooo, you wanna keep reading now, don't ya?

The Light-Bearer's Sorrow

Natalia Kostylev

This is sort of like a follow-up to The Naiad's Sorrow for Christian mythology. I did this one just for the Hel of it, not too long ago. Oh, and so as not to offend anyone who's very uptight about their beliefs, no, when I refer to Lucifer lamenting god's 'love' and god's 'kiss' I do NOT mean it in THAT way. However, you may choose to take it that way if you want. That's your choice.

Excerpt from 'Immortal Beauty'

J. Dunfield

This comes from a much longer and boring/annoying/cliche story of mine.. If you feel like torturing yourself with the rest go ahead and ask.. Anyway, this comes from basically my own version of vampires, before I knew anything about White Wolf.. Those of you that know it, don't eat me alive. .:glare at Austen.:. Moving on, Aria is a head vampire, owner of the mansion which serves as this scene's setting. Zane is a minion of hers.

loony and luis 1 (?)

Alon Samuel

this is a story I wrote a few years ago.I thought it was funny so I put it on. enjoy! I was thinking of making it a series of tories but I'm not sure yet.

Excerpts From the Book of Prophecies

Kim Baerwaldt

Poetry and prophecies in my story coming soon, called ED or Elemental Darkness.

Dead boy's Letter

Anne Schjerven

This came to me in a dream, strangely enough...do not ask, just read if you dare...

From Wingless to Soaring Chapter 6

Emma Moel

I know, I know, ridiculously short, but exciting nonetheless!

Slayer from hell

Simone v.d. Kaaij

This poem is about a slayer from hell breathing the smell of death into your neck...

Santa Claus: Medieval Secret Undercover Agent----Episode 1: Good-bye, North Pole!

Paul Doyle

A badly worn out Santa Claus is whisked to a fantasy world by the Prince of the Elves to act as an undercover agent exposing the evils perpetrated by the Dark One threatening the whole world. This is simply part one of an ongoing, funny satire, and not meant to be taken seriously for a nanosecond. This story has been inspired by silly comments I left Thomas Abrahamsson about his 'Old Man' picture, before I joined Elfwood. (Technical glitches fixed, 6/24/03 . . . new font, too)

Deep Scars - Chapter 2

Delray Faskey

Chapter 2 of 'Deep Scars'.. The continuum of Chapter 1 (obviously).

The Wandering Darkness

Jeff Arnold

I Wrote this in a dark time, I'm usually a deep fantasy writer, but These evil images came to me in a dream and I had to create something with them :) enjoy, I think this is one of my best works.

Frozen Windows

Meghan (Apocalypse)

A rare half vampire girl Aillen, lives her teen life with guardians, until vampires come to use her for their own dark purposes. The rebellion groups of hundreds of years ago step up to oppose, and all goes down hill, dragging Aillen with it, as she changes into something far more dangerous. That which would bring the ruling clan from it's power and replace it with a proper clan, with an ancient help from her a woman who hold secrets of her own. Of course, it has yet to find a proper ending...