Who Remembers Persephone? (Part Two)

Cullen Groves

The second half of the story of Josif and Danel and their team of icewalkers... Though they've reached the base of the mountains, they must now surmount that challenge, and others moreover.

Autumn's Lament

Elizabeth Hawxhurst

Poor Autumn.

Konfus Vogel: Cold Stone of the Bell Tower

Timothy Walsh

This is the second draft of chapter two. Anyway, this is the true beginning of the actual story. I have the later sections of the plot worked out, so after I get these first few set-up chapters done in a presentable fashion, the rest should actually be up rather quickly.

Lady Arctic

Monique 'Suiateh' Kemper

Very cold and snowy.

Roneth's Saga

Sàm Crossley

Part one of three parts; he is an artist, a poet commissioned to write the deeds of Viking king, Bjorn's son Thorhalvi and ends up with more than he ever expected

The Shards of a Shattered Mirror

Daniel Ecklund

This is a poem about the other roleplay character of mine, Raven. His picture is seen often enough on my Elfwood fantasy pictures section. This is past put into poetry.

The other side of the story - Frost Faery (Part 2)

Meghan Nowosad

And now the transformed Jacob.

Fairy Provisions

donna habinck

A poem about fairies.

Garden of Frost

Malis Vitterfolk

This poem started out small but then got longer and longer. I like it though and now it is very complex. See if you can find an inside meaning in it.

Who Remembers Persephone? (Part One)

Cullen Groves

A team of archeologists and icewalkers must journey across the frigid wastes beyond the Thawed Sea, seeking the Origins of civilization in a march of distant mountains. Along the way, they must face the perils of extreme cold, and each other in religious debates considering the origins of Man. By the by, this story is set on Skadia, a world so cold that humankind can only exist on the equator, in a region rich with hotsprings and volcanic activity.

*winter fae

f. hiromitsu

crazy as it is, i wrote this in may... long way from winter!!! maybe the heat was starting to get to me.


Meg Young

A retelling of Snow White, by me! Of course, LadyWiz claims it has nothing in common with Snowhite. Hmmmph. Maybe it's not. Ignore this, okay?

Like Starlight, Dancing on Frosted Grass

Jon Midget

This is my contribution to BiFrost's 'Winter Magic' project. Because most of Bifrost is made up of artists, and because there's a whole lot more personal investment required to read a story than to look at a picture, I generally make my Bifrost contributions relatively short poems. I've always been a winter-dude. My idea of paradise is Finland or Alaska. This poem came about as I wondered why on earth elves seem to spend all their lives in nice, plush forests. Don't they know what they're missing?

Seasons' Spirits: 2. Jack Frost

Hayley van Gelder

Owls' Curse

Lucy Johannssen

Tiny black owls begin appearing on the mantelpiece.


Deanna Sartin

Based on the creature, the Aquabird which my friend Emily created for a story of mine a few years ago.It was created as the opposite of the pheonix, being born of water and ice as opposed to fire. It has icey crystal feathers and uses the reflected rainbows to hypnotise its prey into a happy oblivion before, well, eating it.Otherwise, it is a friendly creature, usually living at high altitude to prevent it from defrosting. One of a kind, it is reborn from waterfalls :)

Of Magic and Musings pt. II

Steve Renn

Second part in Savnoc's story, he's essentially doing what he does best. If you notice me referring to Renbyn as a weasel instead of a ferret, forgive me if you're going to nit-pick: Just remember that Renbyn is a little stoat/vole/weasel/ferrety critter.

The Maiden's Frost

Elizabeth Moser

a poem depicting a man staring down at his cold, lifeless elven lover, her beauty shining out to him even more than in real life.