Sarah Cuypers

The wizard Egidius is experiencing some occupational problems. He then gets a visitor that could perhaps offer assistance in solving his problems or could just be a whole new problem on his own. The result may possible include cucumbers.Written originally for the EMG-zine issue of August 2009, but was declined.

Devourer of Worlds

Ashley Beerbroer

Self cannabilism is amazing.

The Giant Cumquat

Emma-Jane Smith

Another cumquat story!! Not only beware the cumquat but beware the unrully thesaurus!! Muwhahahaha! ^_^ Enjoy and have a laugh!

Forbidden Fruit

Patrick Assassin' Dronne

What do you think it's about, Jeez read it and find out!

A Venture Into The Narrows


Two young warrior trainees venture into the midst of danger...

Other Lands

andrew the KeltiK) scharbach

Bascilly a drunk guys get's transported to the OTHER LAND hence the name. I don't know if it is real or a figment of his imagination.

Good Morning 2130 C.E.

Heaven Benford

A small glimpse of life in the future and how we can easily forget our past.

The Sweet Ones

Amanda Sutherland

Another vampire one. I do a lot of these. A poem this time. Again, done for a class, and again, the tutor didn't understand it. The first few lines are from another poem, but I don't know who the author was.

The Fruit of Life

Megan Myer

She awakes in different clothes, her wounds and scars are gone. Who is this mysterious person who has saved her life?


Ashleigh Wells

Chapter 10, you are slightly surprised by the way Kudos acts ^_^

tough choice ch 2

Connie Mentira

So, yeah ,chapter two. I'll explain more about that knife later.No stealing!

How fruit became sweet

Kaisa I. Stilger

This is a myth that I was assigned to write in my Mythology class. we had to write a creation myth... here is mine.

Demeter's Daughter

Hannah Ringler

What if Persephone wanted to go with Hades? A retelling of the myth of the kidnapping of Demeter's daughter.