Kaye Hashimoto-Ghan

This is another old poem...so it's not that great. This was one of the numerous times I was mad @ my mom.

On writers Block

Lynton Farr

A litte doggrel - For days when nothing happens.

The Artist

Nicolei Arnold

My friends and I have weird experiences. This particular friend has a strange ability to...well go ahead and read the story. Like I'd tell you!

In Between

Holly Johnson

The frustration of being stuck on a world with no magic and reading about worlds with it.

The best of both worlds?

Janine Lucas

Poor girl! She just wanted to take the easy way out...

No More Words

Shuo Chen

Written to help me overcome a writer's block.

Dark Man, The


A 'lyrical text'/poem describing a meeting with 'The Dark Man'. A mystical presence in the soul.

Trip to Greyland


Lyrical text/'poem'. An attempt to describe a half-wake dream, which was very potent. I had it while listening to 'The Solitude' by Draconian.


A.Kadir Bakay

Is he dreaming in death or is he dead in his dream?It doesn't change the fact that unfulfilled promises,wasted years and lost loves still haunt him merrily...By the way the latin part means,'May The Lord be with you',ironic isn't it... 01.06.2001

Raindrops: A Poem

Alexandra Sklaroff

Contemplation on the end results of war.


A.Kadir Bakay

Enough said,it's all there... 8/Ekim/2001


Tiffany Conrad

Waves of wandering dream

Piotr Ponte Sypniewski

"Waves of wandering dream..." is about art of Chinese calligraphy and its alluring energy

forth grade dragon

J McCool

story of my life sort of....my teachers use to say I would never be able to write. my first grade teacher said I was hopeless. it was a long time before i had a teacher or any one really that could see i had wings ...thanks mrs. workman