Wolf Heart - A Poem

Hannah Craig

Dinner Time

Karen aka Amethyst

This was written at EFY during freetime, on July 31, 2002. Heh, my room mate even got a picture of me writing it... I think it's kinda funny, me sitting at a desk , looking all serious... HAH, ME SERIOUS?! It's great....

Three Moons

Harriett Randall

Three tales of an ancient moon and its mischiefs.

Journey Part 03 - Gazebo

Al Howe

The transition to the surreal.

Journey Part 04 - Music

Al Howe

In the surreal, odd things can happen.

The Night 5 (Eternal Nightmares)

Brandon Lee

Sometimes we let ourselves be cover in saddness that it consumes us but not known to us that the world is also full of hopes

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 4 - The Scribe and the Firefly

Christina Stoppa

This is a rather uneventful, descriptive but symbolic chapter. As for its descriptiveness, the setting in this chapter is prominent throughout the story. I did most of the describing now so that people could have an idea in their heads already of the setting as the story progresses.

Full Moon: Thoughts of a Werewolf

Lindsey Cotman

Awwwwoooooo! ((hehe, sorry, couldn't think of anything to say)) :P

Midnight Run

Natalie Lawliet

A werewolf runs through the forest on a full moon night, the last of an endangered species of wolf-folk.

Nature's Beauty

Tamara Thiersmann

Don't be lulled by the title too much...I won two diffent awards for this story...a third and a first place in two different writing contests.


Tyler Abbott

I started typing one day and didn't stop for a few hours and this is what came out. It's a combination of my feelings and my beliefs/dreams, I think.

Noble Werewolf

Natalie Paquette

A poem about a woman who finds herself to be a walking (sometimes on all fours) contradiction, without my usual rhyme and meter scheme.

Ancient Days, Ancient Ways

Robin Supples

This is an epic poem I wrote years ago. This is a fictional work set in ancient Ireland, on October 31st. At this time, the ancient Celts used to practice their “new year’s” ritual, as their year ended after the fall harvest. They called this holiday “Samhain”, which literally means “summer’s end”. On this night, they believed that the “veil” that separated the land of the living from the land of the dead was at it’s thinnest point and they could communicate with their deceased loved ones for a short time. In my narrative, the narrator is a traveling bard that has been invited to attend such a Druidic rite, and she is describing a few of the people she sees gathered around her. They all share one common trait, a belief in the old Gods, but they are very different, as you will discover as you read on.

Miss Winter Prologue

Reetta Järvenpää

This was originally a writing exercise for finnish class. Edited it a bit and voilá. (I've never studied french, just to let you know)

Moonlight's Cry (take 2) Ch. 1

Natasha Darby

What is an author without her rewrites?? This is take 2 of Ch. 1