The Princess and the Dragon

Kent Cordray

This is a short story which we wrote in eighth grade and reedited in ninth. We think it is sun but is not at all serious. It is mostly just some silly fun and hopefully you will enjoy it. Gilia is primarilly responsible for this one.

Bite Chapter 7

Amory Koch

I swear I got all the naughty words this time. I'm sorry moderators! *is shamed* If this one still has the three deadly words I will get legions to sift through its letters with lice combs! I re-read the whole thing (and cought a bunch of typos, actually) and searched the document with the find tool. Gomen. Anyways- this story is a pain and very naughty mouthed. But, now is all soap-maouth-washed. Finally more vanpyrs, explanations and some plannings. Next chapter more violence, quite a bit in this one, too. *evil grin* This chapter is also longer than my others. So, yes.. enjoy and thank your gods if this is updated for I apparently am blind, stupid and a horrible editor.

Odds And Ends

Kelsey Peters

Well, I originally wrote this story for my grad classmates from last year. Its a fluffy, fun story that will eventually include all of my teachers and classmates as charactors. This is the first few chapters. Remember, it's just fun!

Lost In Space

Nicole Anderson

I don't care that other people have used this name!!! Grr...I don't know what lead me to write this but, I did. It is NOT FINISHED though so please bare with me!

Journey of a Lost Soul

Sean Cavanagh

This is a book I was working on... possibly the last post I will make on Wyvern... Hope you enjoy it!

Time of Your Life - Prologue

Stephanie Ford (Cadauniel)

When given the chance to jump forward permanently in time, a young man and woman sieze the opporunity...

Laura's Faeries: The Venture Begins

Azariel Deheaic

Time for a little mischief...

Summer night - Ch2

Vemund Fjeld

Experimental continuation on a summer fantasy.

12 Quick story ideas!

Bill Tillman

12 Quick story ideas!

Catchphrase Introduction


Catchphrase is a punk band, and these are the stories following them from when they started into their fame and beyond. in which Catchphrase plays a show, and hangs out backstage.

Foreign Mage

Chris Poole

A fun poem

Lovely Annette

Norielle Cunanan

This story was inspired by a book I read a while back called Cat in Glass. It um...scared me ^_^; Dolls also scare me... This story has nothing to do with PsyhauntKo although it involves a kleptomaniac with schizophrenia... I usually don't write like this O.o Creepy!

Destrutive Dreams - Chapter 3

Elizabeth Holloway

its two days before Council and the guest begin to arive... had fun writing this... it took me a week. so o hope you like it

Chapter One: Michatu

Alicia Reese

Err...teaser chapter of my friend and I's story, ^_^ this is chapter one, if I find the prologue I'll add it, but now, this is all you get. I changed this chapter like three times..cause at first chapter one didnt work...then i changed it to chapter six, finalyl decided on chapter one though, since 6 gave away too much for my liking >> ~*NOTE FROM AUTHORS*~ Eventually this will be copyrighted through more than just Elfwood, you are free and quite welcome to draw these characters if you ask my friend or I...but please do not try to reproduce these as your own characters. Thank you Alicia and Stephanie Chapter Two

Dogrim and the Dragon

Ana Salinas Norbakk

The life and death of Dogrim


Chris Brant

This story is my attempt to begin something that doesn't really have a beginning or end, which starts somewhere and ends somewhere, but doesn't really flow in a straight line. Last updated on December 1st, 2002.

No Doubt In The World

Allison Richardson

Three overprotected girls and one prisoner go out on an adventure to find out what they are really made of.

Assassin Part 3

Fatma Alici

Slowly, as usual, the gods are entangling themselves in eachother's troubles.

Excursions With Unreal People

Elizabeth Wells

Two girls get to spend a day with their impish imaginary friends... and the possibilities of what they do are endless. This is the first half.

Fire and Water~~Ch. 3

F. Schultz

We're back to Kaiser as he walks the streets of Evermore. A special appearance of our favourite bartending elf!