In The End

Adam Stevens

Another extract from a work in progress of a much longer piece. This is set during a massive battle for Sanctuary, the morphic races' home that is under attack.

Spiritwolf - Blackmane

Adam Stevens

A lone wolf saves a group of morphic slaves shortly after their transformation. Sorry, short again. *Note. This has now been updated and expanded*

The Mink and the Hairy Man

Sally Catlin

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it is said, fell asleep reading a history book and dreamed the famous poem Kubla Khan. When he woke he wrote down as much as he could remember, but was called away before he could finish. Well, I fell asleep reading The Collected Poems of Robert Service, and dreamed this, rhyme scheme, repeated refrain, and all. I wrote down as much as I could remember, and three years later sat down and finished it. It is heavily influenced, particularly, by 'The Ballad of the Black Fox Skin,' and by my recent reading of Watership Down.

The Lake of Fairytales

Amanda J├Ânsson

The story about a small Gdung and a large dragon who has to bring back the fairytales to the world.

Moonlit Fangs

Ashley Hanna

This is another entry I did for a writing contest. I run the writing contests on the message board at which I visit, so I usually enter them too. I try to write fantasy entries so I can add them to my wonderful ElfWoodie library too. :p


Sabrina Belfast Bailey

I wrote this partly because I was too lazy to stretch out my idea into one long story, so I arranged it into this nice little poem, I dedicate to my bestest friend James Kooienga, and his love of cats.

Keep it in the Closet

Laura Korska

This is very short, and just kinda fun. I'm sure every kid thinks this has happened to them at one time. I'm still wary of my closet!

Mushrooms & Rabbit Fur

Ashley Wynn

A chance encounter in the woods and a fair trade enable a young woman and her smallest brother to escape a life as slaves. This story was inspired by Sabrina Seltenreich's picture.

The Gathering Storm (Chapter 1)

Adam Stevens

Events have been set in motion that cannot be stopped. the prophecies are nearly fulfilled and dark days loom. Can Whitemane fulfill his destiny or will he fall to darkness to the detriment of his entire race? p.s. sorry about the dramatics, but i was listening to the gladiator theme at the time =^.^=

The Last Dance

Adam Stevens

A leonine morph dances for her masters for the last time.

The Lone, Wild Heart: Chapter 8 - The Hunt

Christina Stoppa

Its winter in fairy town and Glissendel and Arcturus go out hunting.

An Honourable Death

Adam Stevens

The Sacrafice of a pantheress for those she loved. Very short.

Haunting Regrets

Adam Stevens

Following in the wake of an attack on a refugee convoy.


James Smith III

This story is definitely the newest on my list, though I'm supposed to be working on Demonsong...I know, I'm a bad person. This is this year's submission for creative writing at my college, though odds are good that it'll be turned down. Kudos to anyone who figures out what I'm talking about. This is also probably the closest I'll get to writing a love story, so pay attention. Heh.


Jon Dixon

Wolfwind is a winter story, a tale of redemption after loneliness and long estrangement, set in the harsh northern country of Iryleer. The original spark for the story was a desire to write a werewolf story where the werewolf was the 'hero'. This led to the human population being peripheral at best and the story becoming a tale of small-scale 'werewolf politics' if you like. I have always been fascinated, too, with the 'outsider' - the individual who, for whatever reason, doesn't fit in - and Averyl, an outcast in two societies, fits that description exactly. This story placed in the quarter-finals of the 'Writers of the Future' competition some years ago.

History - Past, Present, Future

Adam Stevens

The history of the Universe as it is known.

Kindred Spirits

Adam Stevens

Whilst sparring, two felines discover more than just friendly competition. Again, very short. sorry. *Note This one has now been extended and re-worked*

Vampire Hunting

Adam Stevens

apologies for the lame title, but i've been going through a phase lately of hating vampires. might of been after watching Underworld... anyways, here's a fairly straightforward duel in a fairly typical setting with my own spin. erm... that's about it really. *wanders off to find something new*

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 21 - A Lesson in Independence

Christina Stoppa

Kuriyami leaves Arcturus alone in the woods. The young fairy must fend for himself until the lost soul's return.


Adam Stevens

This story is an extract from an interactive story that is based on my universe. I wrote this particular post personally, and thought it works (kinda) on a standalone basis. This is during a raid to rescue some slaves, and it turns out that there is some unexpected influence behind the goings on here. If you want more info, then try reading the history and the character bios. If you want to see the entire (ongoing) story, then try this link...