Subversion: Fury

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Consider it therapy. Not sure if it matches up the standards of the other two though

Papa's Story

H. Rummel

This is a little something that came into my head. It's a cute beginning, although I'm not sure my Papa would tell me this story even now. It needs a better title, I know.... To be continued...

Don't die, my Elvin warrior

Brie the Almighty' Stark

Oh, the bitterness of war... Just a short story I thought up; not very detailed, but rather, a narrative of the bitterness of war. I suppose it was inspired by these days, and my passion to write.

The Dancer

Emily Kirsch

If you've ever read The Red Boots ( I think that's what it's called ) this tale might seem familiar. It draws a bit from that but it was more or less inspired by Anouk Morgan's picture... which is included at the bottom of the story (link provided!)

Combating the Beast

Xander Brown

A tribute to Simone, Emily, Gardner, and all those other countless casualties to this fearsome menace that strangely enough, inspired me.


Lindsey Cotman

Ermmm... I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this. I get the feeling I was maybe a tad upset...

Fury and the Night Chapter 1


This is just a little something I've been toying with... it all revolves around a dream I had a while ago... ;)... it's a little rough, I just wanted to get something down as soon as I could... so please be nice... lol

Earth Lover

A.k. Solanke

This is a short piece about a Spasm warrior, the kind that are 'blessed' by their goddess in battle and become dangerous berzerk beasts.Kinda Like Slain the king I guess. Its not my best but it came to me and had to be written.

***NEW*** Papa's Story (2)

H. Rummel

Part two of Papa's story, still in need of a better title


Rachel Gogan

cliche perhaps... I wrote this because I was so upset and angry that I was shaking even when I stood still... I don't know what it is really...

Angel Seth

Ryan Silver' M. Curtiss

This is about an angel I thought up, not one based on friends like my others...

The Adventures of Mystic and Fury

Brooks Owen

I got bored about a year ago and started this short story. I have a plot lined out, although you can't tell it this far into the story, but I'm really unsure if I want to continue this story. Leave me some critiques please?? Meanwhile, I'm off to figure out where I can find time to start on finishing this thing.. *sighs* Leave your thoughts!!!!

Man of Bronze

Ben Brannan

This piece was inspired by a picture in my English class. I sat in front of it day after day and came to appreciate it. Of course, I sat rather far away and missed a few subtle details. Upon closer inspection, I found that the picture was completely different than what I had thought, causing my poem to be completely and utterly debased. Oh well. I like it. I hope it gets through the moderators... I mean, a man made out of bronze has to be fantasy, right? 126 words, 1 page.

Justice Calling

Sarah M Goddard

A short story thats been brewing for a while. The main character Desma Savrakis is the protagonate (that spelt right?) for one of my novels and this story explains where she met her friend Tory. Who is a human, as for Desma... well if I tell you what she is it will ruin the story. See if you can guess before you're told. Once again con-crit is welcome, as are gushing compliments my ego always needs a boost.

The Cry

Holly Mims

Poetry. Inspired by anger, the concept of berserkers, and knights in the heat of battle.