Kita's Story (chapter five)

Kristal Clark

Okies people..This is not the last story, but now I have writer's block. I have a few ideas, yet I don't know which to chose. I'll post the rest of the story later.

The Promise (3/3)

Désirée Dippenaar

Kitty's problems come to some kind of a conclusion... in a way... :P

A Really Impressive Title

Gavin Oswald

Another meaningful and slightly controversial (did I spell that correctly?) poem. My favorite! :)


Emma Poyntz

I wrote this story years ago - but possibly the first long length story i wrote, which was for a school assignment..

Eyes of Blood

Stephanie Kempson

A sci-fi story about human life on a another planet, and one girl's battle to stop history repeating itself. (It has been added to! and more to come very soon)

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 2

Aaron Miner

Wyrdman has managed to endure his first encounter with the priest, and has now arrived at his destination: the elusive Shrine of Shadows. However, he now has to deal with the guardians of the shrine, who he expects not to condone his views. However, the unexpected seems to feel it is its duty to occur.

Chapter 01

Anthea Loring

Horray! It's the 1st chapter of my book! No all I need is some work ethic and the other 68 million will be done in no time...

Desire’s Rose and Temptation’s Obsessions

Kristen Putzer

This is a work in progress, it is about Callen and his brother Nero, they are both vampires and they live in a split world, one side being medieval and the other more futuristic.

Star Man

J. Meyers

A poem...

This Stranger, My Friend p. 51-60

Anna Smith

Pages 51-60 of the novella.

No Title Currently

Michelle Jones

This idea literally came to me in a dream. This started out as a story concept brainstorm thing and ended up as the prelude. I'm looking for a title though. That's the hardest part sometimes...


lee juriet

Several hundred years in the future, on one of humanities colonies, a automated drone is suddenly destroyed.  Sergeant Major Luca Thompson is ordered to go find out went wrong. what he finds isn't waht anyone expected.....


Linda Billson

Well, this is a short story I entered for a writing contest. I really like the main character, and I hope to write more about him.But for now, here's his introduction! Until I can get myself in gear with other stories I should be doing... Feedback is always appreciated. 

Insomnolence - Chapter One

Frankie Rodriguez

Emma's insomnia never seemed to get better, even with the expensive treatments the doctors and aides at Edgedell Neuronic Research Center had given her. Overwhelmed and feeling trapped she finds friendship in a young schizophrenic girl, but when strange sudden deaths begin to occur across the facility, can Emma and her friend escape and find acceptance within the same society that once shunned them?

Dances With Darkness 1

Brianne Hughes

The feeling I've made for myself about vampires (from various vampire novels/books/and short stories) is that they yearn for the life they once had and since they cant have it they destroy it. I came up with this out of nowhere... Its rather sad but it paints a pretty picture in my head...Set in a slightly futuristic possably post-appocolyptic city and about a girl who dances...

This Stranger, My Friend p. 71-80

Anna Smith

Pages 71-80 of the novel-ish thingy.

This Stranger, My Friend p. 21-30

Anna Smith

Pages 21-30 of the novella.

This Stranger, My Friend p. 31-40

Anna Smith

Pages 31-40 of the novella.

A Sci-Fi Adventure (Pt 1, Working title)

Peter Griffiths

Adventure, unfinished.

After the Robot Wars of 2032

R. Jackson

I think this is possibly the greatest story ever told. It has everything, robots, zombies, deep philosophical questions on what makes us human and the end of the world! Try not to cry at the tragic death of Geoff the zombie I think he'll be OK in the end *winks*. 'I miss you Geoff!' *crys* ***Danger satire ahead - best read when sleep calls but you are too insane to answer*** This was actually a lot more difficult to write than I had expected. Wierd.