Dorine Ratulangie

A cosmic soup


Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

At the peek of his reign over the galaxy, Lord Tarsik is met with an unpleasant surprise when a new slave girl is brought to him.

The Eyes of a Unicorn

Imelda Weijers

I was browsing the Elfwood Galleries when I came across a beautiful image by Marie E. Bird. It inspired me to write this poem. I'd like to thank her for creating this inspiring image and giving me permission to use it. Please take some time to visit her gallery (click here).

Letters to the Night

Jessica Arnold

A series of letters from a future that wasn't too different from our world now...with one glaring difference.

The Treaty of Orish-Triad: In Short

Sara Rupp-Moody

This what happens when my Social Studies book tells me to do a peace treaty between two waring countries. Only these are waring planets.

Kevin, Advanced (Part One)

Lindsay Cooper

It's the year 2684. The corrupted government of Earth is at war with a small but powerful group of rebels scattered throught the important base located right here on Earth without their detection. This particular base has been comissioned to take part in deadly and extensive research that could change the course of the galaxy forever...

Project Earth

Christina Lovse

Millions of years ago Earth was colonized by ships from another planet called Pavoria. Contact with the colony was lost until all memory of the Pavorians was gone from Earth. Now, one little girl and a crew of five are going to visit Earth to see what's changed since the last time Pavoria checked up on the planet. (Chapters 1-3)

Shroud of Deception, Prologue

Steven McClellan

Well, finally I decided where in my SciFi I would like to write. So, here it is... the beginning of a long story of humanity's future. Where I shall stop, and where it shall all start... no one knows.

Another World Out There...

Fi MacNaughton

I wrote this based off a Nova episode talking exploring planets (here in Modern times!). With a little inspiration from the artists of Zone 47, I wrote this song...

Coffee and Paperclips

Cameron Baker

Very similar to Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy but I hope you enjoy it!

A Galaxy Apart, Chapter 4

Kyle Arthur

The fourth part of a story to track down the source of a new enemy and possibly save the universe from destruction. The marines are stuck on the moon and must find a way off.

Spec:4:Touch and Go

Kyle Arthur

Here is the fourth issue in this little story. The mission is continued. A little bit of action in this one. This is where I'm starting to implement some of the tech that I've always wanted in this series from the time of Galaxy Apart. This is working towards accomplishing the feeling I want but still its hard to do I think a series of pictures would better express the story, maybe even a comic. Too bad I'm not the best at drawing people. Enjoy.

Danger Lurks Chapter 01

Kyle Arthur

Galaxy Dialogues Book 1: The story of a Captain and his crew who are attempting to evade the law. A bounty has been placed on them for an unknown reason and the crew must attempt to uncover the conspiracy against them while keeping their knowledge from falling into the wrong hands.

Travels of a Muse

Tambra Lindstrom

Another chapter in the Deasrei Forestine Tale.

Horned Man of Reflections


a Poem.

Sulfur Shores

Carol McFarlane

'In the Era of Oceans the wreckage of continental collisons had driven up fresh mountains and opened deep sutures in the seabeds-all as patient backdrop to the frantic buzz of life's adjustments to these immense constraints. Species rose and died because of minute tinings of their genetic texts. And all hurried succession and passionate ferment was a drama played out before the gaze of humanity-which had it's own agenda.' --Arthur C. Clarke & Gregory Benford, Beyond the Fall of Night, 1936

Fallen Angels (03)

Vicki Leady

Third chapter of 'Fallen Angels.' Crew and captain are in a bit of a pickle and must make do.

United Earth

Ryan A. Burpee

'It was early in the 27th century when Humanity first encountered the Boans. They were strange creatures, with an entirely different way of life. The war was an accident. It was never ment to happen. But it started and it continues now. I know that this could be my last message. I'm taking the ship into a Contested Zone in 3 minutes. I just want whoever finds this, be they Man or Boan, to know that this whole war was a mistake. No one was supposed to ever get hurt.' ~Last Passage: Ship's Log, SCVN Exodius(2601-2639), Captain Jerehiem Marahet(2603-2639).

Galaxy Apart, Chapter 5

Kyle Arthur

The squad is stranded on a small moon in orbit around Shanar. Will they escape and who will pay the ultimate price? Also introducing a new breed of attack ship, the super cruiser Revenant. Will it be enough to save the day?

Golden Cosmic Creature (a poem)

Cheryl Scott

Title is a phrase from a fellow creative writing student's vampire story -- I took it in a totally different direction.