E. Hanna

Amanda M. Howard told me that the best presents are not bought but made. I wrote this as a birthday preset for a very special lady.

Road to Peace (FF3 story)

Ivy McKnight

This is a mighty long and ongoing story, based on FF3 (Final fantasy 3). Remember that I started this about three years ago, and my style of writing wasn't that great back then. Not that it's that great now, but... anyhoo, I'm still writing it (cripes, it ain't done!). So, have fun.

The Game

Jason Heisler

This story is from a dream I had while deployed after the 9/11 terror attacks. I wrote it down as soon as I awoke.

Only An Idiot Would Hate This Story

Meghan Brownjohn

Larissa wrote that on this story after I crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage. This is another story she rescued and kept, and I realized I liked after all. But I have a horrible habit of leaving cliffhangers....argh...

Window to Reality Chapter 1: Entrance to Yindell

Jennifer Stuart

Ever wondered what it would look like from inside an online text-based roleplaying game? This story's about a young girl who got sucked into her favorite MUD.


Talis McMullen

Another of my one-word titles. This one isn't one of my favorite, but it's alright. Again, any advice would be great.

The Game

Sophia Hutchings

Just a short story, written during my writing group. I was given a subject, the word 'game' and this is what come from that. Not very complicated, I know, but I wanted to capture a brief flash of action and see what I could do with the imagery. How did I go?

Blitzball, Its Not a Game, Its a Life Style

Joshua Price

Third story that I wrote and haven't lost. Did it back in 2004 when I was trying to write one story per character every day. At the time I had just over fifty characters, though I have far fewer now. And, as you can see, I'm still about thirty stories short if you assume that these are all about different characters, which they aren't. Of all my old '04 stuff, this is one of two that might be canon, the other Super Nuisance and the C.E.P. But that doesn't make it any good, I actually think its worse than the two stories before it. Originally, I had planned on revising it along with just about every other story in this gallery, but I've changed my mind. I'd rather work on my novel. On a separate note, the Blitzball in the story only borrows two things from Final Fantasy X and A Separate Peace: the name and the fact it involves a ball.

Fairy game

Katarina Baralić

I did something like this few months ago and I really liked it so I decided to creare another one similar but with drawing, writing and some fantasy elements, of course. I hope you will enjoy.... or you won't. :D

Alien Dice - Day 2

Tiffany Ross

Continuation of Alien Dice

The Game 1D2

Jessica Cannon

Finding out what lies behind a dragon's siege suddenly reveals itself to be much harder than expected, as this group of rpg-ers find out, when politics and a minor (but un-violent) coup combine. Now with new dragon/virgin joke!

Gods' Game

Cynthia Rogers

Ever had the feeling that some higher being was playing a game with your life? What if that higher being was many beings, and they were playing?

The Game

Andrew Jackson

This is the break-through story after about three months of writers block, this is what is coming out of it. I hope ya enjoy it, and if it goes well, i'll start writing more of it. Please Note: Dungeons & Dragons and D&D is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast and TSR (i

The Apple

Heather Bryan

This is a short story I wrote a few years ago. It's not my typical style of writing, but it remains one of my favorite stories that I've written

An Empire Worth Saving

Tammy Janeen

Well, this is a little story I wrote for Vicci. She was ... well, if I said it would give it away. You'll hafta re-read the title when you're done to get the little pun in it! ~_^

The Game

Robin Morero

Short, wierd poem. Inspired by at least three different songs and some nonsense thoughts.

Accidental Universe

Brittany Sparks

The gods are restless. Its time to bring in the pool table! I had a LOT of fun writing this one...those gods need to not be so hasty.


Sandra Wheeler

“She has got to be the coolest girl on earth...” Lena seems too good to be true. Everything about her is perfect, from her beautiful eyes to her all-too-available status. But when Sean attempts to change that status, he finds that everything is not what it seems...

Castle Eld 4 - In the Royal City

Ashley Wynn

This Castle Eld story seems to jump around a lot, doesn't it? We've seen three different cities already. Well, here's a bit more for you. One of these days I'll draw up a map for the Castle Eld series. I'll also think up a better name for it.

The World Game

Roehl Sybing

Some people think that politics is important. Others center their world around sports. In the future, both are one and the same. The world, tired of centuries of war, settle their differences on the basketball court in an (I'll admit) far-fetched worldwide League to determine the balance of political power.