Gladiatorial Games

Christopher Yost

This story started to write itself in my head when I was working on a picture (Which can be seen in my Loth gallery). This is part one of the story which takes place in the same place as the story of Dorgan.

Chapter 17

Andrew Casey

Yaesh versus Daegan, Squill, and Raleigh. Will they make it out alive?

Chapter 19

Andrew Casey

The Games progress and all looks well...or does it? Shadows move behind the scenes...

Games On a Summer Afternoon

Shuo Chen

Innocent play, or something more sinister?

Endaria Chapter 1: The Birth of Gabriel

Erin Ruiz

Wee, chapter one of the first journal entry I ever made as a senior in high school. This was an ongoing thing that was never finished in my Senior Journal. This is just a little intro to what will be a very strange but interesting story. WARNING: There will be a lot of shounen ai/yaoi stuff going on as the story progresses, so watch out!

Chapter 18

Andrew Casey

Closer and closer they come...will they meet or pass by in the night?

Chapter 16

Andrew Casey

Preparations for the games and Citro's past is revealed.

The Citadel, chapter one

Louise Boucher

The first chapter edit for the new version (I think its about version twelve of the story or version three of the New Version which is a bit of a radical change from the Old Version - The Road to Ennion is based on the Old Version and my note there expalins a little about the change in the story). Its different from what was here before because I'm keeping Rhonwyn's entrance back a little as I've decided it would be more like her to turn up when she choses rather than because they call her (Rhonwyn is the central character of the story but if you don't know who she is don't worry too much, all will be explained when I publish the next couple of chapters). This is mostly Haydain because he deserved a proper introduction, he's my current favourite Citadel character and he really shapes the plot in the first part of the story so it helps to understand more about him and his ideas at the start. Please leave a comment, go on :-) If you want to discuss this chapter with me or ask a question about it then post a message in this journal entry.

Journey Part 08 - The Arena

Al Howe

The past lies in ruins.

Dragon Within Part 1

William Clayton

The Dragon Series becomes a trilogy with this, the third book. The whole series was born from a glimmer of an idea, and this book was one I never thought to write, yet, here it is. My apologies to those who already read and commented, those comments were lost in the transition while updating the file.

Endaria Chapter 2: The Name of Gabriel

Erin Ruiz

Just when you thought this would be serious I go and through this at you. Enter Mandar the uke! Also, enter what could be known as 'the totally .hack rip-off,' save that it's not due to things that will happen in the next two chapters. And please pardon any bad grammar. These were done for English class as rough drafts and not finished products.

Assassin Part 6

Fatma Alici

Games are played if there is more than one player

Shaysiris 7

Kathryn Gromowski

Look, more new stuff! And...Vistalt just keeps getting odder ^^ Because I like him that way, lol. And, naturally, I HAD to invent a card game. It's sorta a cross between go fish/sheepshead/poker played with a tarot deck. Doesn't that sound like fun? Anyone who's interested in drawing the deck, let me know, I have a lot of info on it. Plus it saves me the trouble, lol. Uploaded: 10/19/05

Halo Server 23

Owen Henry

A little something I started to work on mid-winter, and then never really did anything about until the beggining of August. This is in need of a lot of revision, especially in the beggining... You may not think so, but this plot and character have already grown far beyond this one story. It's becoming a freakin' novel. But more on that as it develops... Anyway. Once I rewrite it, I'll put it back up, and I'll let you all see if you like the changes. I just really like this concept... A fantasy story within the context of a futuristic world. Note: Apologies for the formatting. I have trouble just finding time to post things like this now that school's started up again.

Choosing Sides

Jaclyn Musselman

Have you ever wondered what troll kids will do when no one wants them to play with. This is an interesting little scenario thats been playing in my head for awhile. So what do you think she'll do?

A Tale of Two Crumpets

Kathleen Ruhl

I wrote this at some point in college andi its really just a silly, pointless story but I hope an enjoayble one. 

Adore the Genie

Frederic Vinhage

An Italian sonnet of a sort, designed for the current contest. :)

Brownie Wood

Vicky Barrett

If you read it you'll gaze upon the wonderment of a Brownie Wood. Yes it's another amazing poem by the one and only ME!!!! I'm starting to believe my hype. (If anyone could tell me how to get rid of the infernal paragraphs between each line until it is in paras! I would be most grateful!)

Red and Black ch7

Tabitha Ruf

The catacombs of Faulthaven are just as taboo as the Therrian Junction: its there, but no one wants to talk about it. Its animosity is succeded only by threat factor. And some say, its where the dead go when they can't find their way to the afterlife.

CHosen 10

Andrew Casey

Figuring out what to do now in Katli, the capital of Haber