Mother Kat: Chapter 4

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter four. More of Rob, Sarah and Gary.

Mother Kat: Chapter 1

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, first chapter. Introducing Mother Kat and her world.

Mother Kat: Chapter 3

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter three. Introducing Gary, and one of Mother Kat's parishioners.

Mother Kat: Chapter 2

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter two. Rob, Sarah, and Paula.

Aix- Truly Me

Stephanie Maynard

Kinda a confession poem for this vampire character in an urban fantasy named Aix .Pronounces Ai(as in I died)-x.Was made a vampire eight years ago and founder of the gang where my sentral char (Cani) lives with Aix's brother, Rethe and lover, Tyll (pronounced Teal) live. Ther's a lot of irony bhind the story of Aix Fenrir, he was a werewolf,a prince if you will the inheitor of the Fenrir estates. His fathe lead the Blood Claws Clan, a werewolf cult organization dedicated to wiping out vampires. Aix grew up learning to kill. He was also very good at it. Kidnapped by vampires at the age of 25 (More like traded places with kid brother Rethe, 11 at the time) he became what he laerned to kill, and was cut off from the glory of the werewolf change for eternity. When he was discovered undead there was a mutiny,. Aix's father was killed, Rethe nearly, their bother denounced them both an became a druggie (died a few years later of overdoes) Basically everything Aix knew, even his belifs felldown around him. Eight years later, these are his confessions...

N'Fals Story

John Pirrone

I compiled part 1 and part 2 together, with a small filler. I don't like the abrubtness from the beauty of the forest to her death, though. I might expand this.

Ghost in the Machine (part 3)

Jonathan Fisher

Please read the earlier segments first - comments welcome

The Dreamspeakers

Kathryn Newill

Tera Byte moves into a new place to escape Turbo Switch, but as it turns out, he's looking for her. Can Tera save her friend before it's too late?

Ghost in the Machine (part 7)

Jonathan Fisher

Please read the earlier segments first - comments welcome

Ghost inthe Machine Part 1

Jonathan Fisher

The tale of how an alien street-kid living as an immigrant on a human world gets mixed up in events that will change the face of their planet.

Ghost in the Machine (part5)

Jonathan Fisher

Please read the earlier segments first - comments welcome

Tanil: Chapter 1

daniel baumann

a violent, gang based future, where only the strongest and bravest survive... Tanil is one such person, a noble savage of the future

wolfe continued.

Mary Parker

this is something I added on to the wolfe thing.

Street Shadows: Chapter One

Keya Paul

The first chapter of Street Shadows. Took me long enough yes, but I couldn't decide on how to start it out. Finally I chose one idea and stuck with it. A little rough here and there, a few grammer mistakes, but I'm still mostly satisfied with it in a whole. The Wraiths get introduced here as well as several of the main characters. Now, what is Street Shadows about? Well, I'm too lazy to describe it again, so go look on the Prologue. No vampires yet, sorry, not until the second chapter at the most.

TMotSC Chapter 3- Raevyn II

Miss Tubbs

This is the second chapter from Raevyn's point of veiw, and it moves the plot along a little bit more. Of course, another character is introduced. and this is another one of my favorites!! bwahaha, another guy. lol. anyhoo, tell me what you think. Same with all of my story, this is a WIP, so don't be too critical. : )

The Night Life

Kathryn Welteroth

Just a short story based on a dream. More of a city based sci-fi with all of the tech. gear and stuff.


Elliott Edwards

One man's senility is another man's pain.

Chaos Government

Bart Meijer

Part 2, sequel to Dark Backlash.

Ghost in the Machine (part 2)

Jonathan Fisher

Continues from the last one. Please read the earlier segments first!

Ghost in the Machine (part 4)

Jonathan Fisher

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