The Perfect Garden

Elizabeth Cordes

Well, there's not much I can say about this one except that I was really really depressed when I wrote it. Why do all my best works happen when I'm sad?...

Phoenix syndrome

Erin McLaughlin

I went for a walk in the park and stood beside a giant tree. That night, I stayed up and watched 'Vampire High' At 2:00 in the morning the ending bit of the stroy jumped into my head, fully formed and demanded that I write it down. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The Elf and the Magic Garden

Diane Reed

A short story in verse about a magical garden and an elf!

Faeries in the Garden

Kirstin Bell

This is a poem i wrote for a cousin of mine. She was about 7 at the time and loved Faeries, i gave her this to remember me by when she went home to Scotland. She loved it, i hope you guys do!

Summer and Winter

Beth Wren' Sanger

Read it and find out, I'm not telling you here...:o) I should have a picture to accompany it in a few months.


Brandon Elle

This story opens up with the awakening of the magic garden in the bright morning light and the introduction of the main character, Erin, a beautiful young teenage girl who lives at the center of the garden...with all beauty and grace. Little does Erin know the wonders and whimsy of this ethereal garden as she lives day to day embraced by the beauty of it. What strange powers sit within the magic garden?

The Garden, Chapter 1

Brandon Elle

In this chapter, we flashback to a time when the garden was young...and the old man that owns the garden BECOMES young!

To My William

Elise Cannon

In my integrated studies course we had to write a letter to someone special that was about one moment in our life. This letter means a lot to me and was very hard to write.

Guardian of Aloria (chapter 4)

Stephanie Walls

This is the 4th section...yadayadayada. Aidens making some new friends and the stories about to get alittle more exciting. I guess its probably been slow for awhile....

Beauty and the Beast

Stephanie Walls

Short Story ~ COMPLETED: There is some danger to beauty, as this poor bloke is about to find out. It was one of those little stories that somehow jumps into my head.

Enchanted Garden'

Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

What happens after the story ends.

Winter Garden

Iris Joyner

This is a little poem I wrote while drawing a picture for my character Talis. He's an elf that was an orphan, walked into town all covered in blood, rejected by everyone except a rich half elven woman who hands him over to a kind old lady. Later he freezes the town as well as the WHOLE 5 thousand acre countryside. The poem mainly relates to his past and the garden he owns in memory.

The Plain Princess- Chapter One: Poaching in the Forest

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

The first chapter of my story The Plain Princess. We are introduced to our heroes as they meet in the forest during a rather sticky situation.

Guardian at the Gates

Hannah Smith

Inspired by a picture of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's called 'Uriel'. He's the guy that guards the gates to the garden of Eden. I thought it must be ahrd for him, standing there all alone with his back to paradise...

Myra's Secret

Jonathan Bahamundi

I wrote this story for an Elfwood writing contest. The story goes along with a beautiful picture called Summer Night done by Liga Marta Klavina and uploaded here on Elfwood. There may be more than one interpretation to the events of the story

The Enchanted Garden

Monica Labins

A delightful children's story about garden fairies inspired by a book I had as a small child, "The Flower Princesses"  by Jerry Smath.  I would love to get illustrations for it so if you are an artist and are interested, PLEASE contact me!  I'm an atrocious drawer lol

Under the Rose---Under the Stars

Katie Hinton

This is a story-poem brought on from my having spent too much time exploring the fantasy art in the elfwood galleries... the first thing I've actually finished in months. Amazing what a foggy day and too much inspiration can do...

The Garden

Jon Hanson

A boring man and the quote, 'curiosity killed the cat'.

Chapter 16

Andrew Casey

Preparations for the games and Citro's past is revealed.

Forgotten Identity Chapters 1 & 2

Chani Petro

I really like this story. I'm not sure where I want to go with it and it is obviously not done. I plan to spend this summer working on it.