Mortal Blood

Chris Martens

A short story about Silvara (me)that is also a prologue to a long, complicated solo RPG I did a long time ago.

This Stranger, My Friend p. 51-60

Anna Smith

Pages 51-60 of the novella.

The Nature of Things- Chapt. 1

Mariette Rose

The beginning of it all.

Stone for Blood (Prolouge)

Kristi Smith

This is a new story that is currently in the works. I will be updating it shortly!

The Awakening

Serena Loder

This is a story I started a long time ago, but didn't like, so I stopped. Then, I'd say years later, I was rummaging around and I found it. I liked the characters and the idea so I salvaged it, and changed the entire story around, and now I like it! :) If the names sound a little weird, keep in mind that I wrote this a couple of years ago, and I haven't changed any of the original names. On my fantasy art page, the picture, 'reminicing' is of characters from this story.

The Gaurdians

Serena Loder

Part two of my gargoyle story after 'The Awakening.' I'm going to be honest with you, I had this done even before Iever posted the first one, but I didn't post it 'cause it takes off in a different direction...I wasn't sure how people would react. I'm skipping a big chunk from the last one, because, quite frankly, that part is boring, and I like this part a lot better. I added altered this so you can understand it, but if you have any questions, just ask. :)

The Grey Gate ch2

Jessica Sams

The continuing story!

Chapter something

Rachel Holbrook

A chapter from one of my lesser known stories which i havn't written yet so it doesn't have a title. Daryll meets a mysterious figure in a tavern who isn't quite what he seems. I've noticed most of my stories have characters met in taverns which is a little strange.

Gothic (Architectural)

Laura Peregrin

Imagine this read aloud, as that is how it was originally performed...

The Circle and the Dance Chapter 2

Angela Sasser

Hathor and Andvari, two wandering mercenaries, find themselves intangled in a web of fate deeper than they ever thought their lives would provide. But as death in the guise of a demon threatens their souls..will the mysteries to their buried pasts save them?

This Stranger, My Friend p. 71-80

Anna Smith

Pages 71-80 of the novel-ish thingy.

This Stranger, My Friend p. 21-30

Anna Smith

Pages 21-30 of the novella.

This Stranger, My Friend p. 31-40

Anna Smith

Pages 31-40 of the novella.

DemonSlayer: Prologue

Mitul Mistry

Ah, the beginning... the beginning of it all. The Prologue. I believe this is an unedited version, so I'll try to get the edited one up soon. But please, if you enjoy my writing, begin here. You'll see, as the story of 'Demonslayer' progresses, especially past parts 2 & 3, that it really becomes so much more than what it initially had seemed to be. So please, do read on...

unicorn story Ch.2

J. Thomason

the story goes on... although I could have just left it... :/ tell me if you like!


Ruth Petroff

if i was a gargoyle, i think i would kill myself...


Mira R. Horsky

A letter from Devon to his big brother, asking some philosophical questions about a very touchy subject. Devon's become one of my favorites, though he's new to my art and stories. Things may be confusing in this one, because I haven't explained too much about who and what Devon is and what the circumstances are here. Check out 'Traveler in the Snow' for more on the subject.

Brinul Who Wrestles the Ox

Benjamin Abbott

'nother story about a character who's warrior spirit dwells within the Sword of Thorns, an artifact that's in an RP that me and some friends created recently. You may have some trouble with some of the names. I should probably go back and explain who is what. :/

Gargoyle Tears

Holly baby' Davidson

erm...a poem about a crying gargoyle trying to figure out what she is


E Walter

Alsiter meets up with one of his contacts on a rooftop, overlooking the port where a new ship has come to dock...