Dark Cherub

Oliver Nothers

well... if I only would remember how this poem came to be. It just fell out of a book today, I guess it had served me as a marker and I forgot about it. Had scribbled it on a piece of paper, and from the paper, I guess it was back then in school... I had put a huge header over it, stating 'Gothic Tales' - well, guess that was a project idea, and this is where it ended that time as well...

The Origin of Clan Midnight Fire part 1

Alicia Brown

This is the origin story I am writing for all the chracters in my clan. Eventually to be my comic.

Origins 3

Alicia Brown

part 3 of my origins story

The Grave Ride of New York

Ivy Callier

This was another English assignment ofor Mr. Kearney. I guess this is a pretty humorous story, seeing as the last line is 'Won't this make a perfect anecdote to tell the girls?' I never quite understood what anecdote meant, but Mr. K. said it was a humorous telling of a bunch of events and my dictionary, my God, said they are a short account of an incident (especially a biographical one), so, I'm confused. Maybe you won't be?


Cathin Yang

I was looking at some pictures of gargoyles on Elfwood and I just decided to write this poem. I think this is my best and the most touching poem yet and my English teacher liked it (YES!!! YES!!!!).

The Circle and the Dance Chapter 2

Angela Sasser

Hathor and Andvari, two wandering mercenaries, find themselves intangled in a web of fate deeper than they ever thought their lives would provide. But as death in the guise of a demon threatens their souls..will the mysteries to their buried pasts save them?

Is it Angel or Demon?

Fi MacNaughton

A song about gargoyles. New York has a bunch of 'em. What if some of them were real?...


Mira R. Horsky

A letter from Devon to his big brother, asking some philosophical questions about a very touchy subject. Devon's become one of my favorites, though he's new to my art and stories. Things may be confusing in this one, because I haven't explained too much about who and what Devon is and what the circumstances are here. Check out 'Traveler in the Snow' for more on the subject.

Visions of the East, Pt. 1

Mathew Harlass

The first of three parts that details the history, places, and races of the East, the land that is the origin of DeJarning. This part highlights the history of the East .

Guardian of the Night

Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

a poem/very short story about a gargoyle.

Origins 2

Alicia Brown

Part two of the origins story

Traveler in the Snow

Mira R. Horsky

The story idea that I've been writing for lately is based in the modern world, populated with all the usuals plus a fair number of immortals and angelic beings. Some of the aforementioned happen to be gargoyles, who (in my world) are a lot nicer-looking than they sound (scope out my gallery! plug plug!). These two are the first and fifth children of the Seraph Perpetua, so they're pretty powerful. This is more a character intro than anything; don't be disappointed! Let me know if I've left out too much background information.

Visions of the East, pt. 3

Mathew Harlass

The last of three parts that details the history, places, and races of the East, the land that is the origin of DeJarning. This part highlights the races of the East.

Ode to a Dragon

Diane Reed

A short story, in verse, contemplating the awesomeness of dragons. Thanks to some of your feedback, I have added a verse to the original verson. I hope you like it! Feedback is always helpful!

The Circle and the Dance Chapter 1

Angela Sasser

13 years have passed since the first bearers of power have awakened. Now the rivers run with blood and the earth weeps. The End is coming, and now those touched by the power of the Gods themselves have felt it. They must answer a calling older than their world. A semi-current sampling of my writing. This long in planning sequal to The Scar begins an epic fantasy I one day hope to complete and successfully publish. Till that day, it is here for all to critique and preview in it's early form! I've noticed it needs some rewriting these days.

Goyled - Chapter One

Anya Dolgopolova

This is the first chapter of a story I've been kicking around that includes how i would imagine Gargoyles to be....if all goes well i'll put up chapter two alsoI hope you like it, and i REALLY hope you comment even if you don't :)

Cassandra Covington

A tale taken from an on-going story line my boyfriend and I have. Written for the livejournal ew_gothic challenge (re-write/draw the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliette), this tells a night in the life of a gargress, Dediam-Jade Pendragon, and her husband, Tyrius von Talone.