Chapter Three: The wondering Mountain

Abbey Fitting

chapter three in my Gatekeeper chronicals. I managed to finish it! Its pretty short, Raven stays passed out the whole chapter but we Meet Eric, prince of the Darke, hear of Greyowl and finally get to see our very own gate. Also more references to the 'evergate' (remember the prolog? hmm..wonder whats with that anyway...) Hehe, enjoy.

Gate Keepers Choice

Andrew WynnWilliams

This is part of a much larger whole. The larger whole has been tossed out though. The lack of a title (at one point it was just named after the character 'Dell') seemed to confuse some so I have given it a title. Let me know if it sucks.

Bathing Nymph

Frank Berendsen

Let's just say that this is a combination of things: A beer too much My mother calling my sister a Bathing Nymph after a shower of 2 hours Too much fantasy

Song of Fornever Pt1: Prologue

Jesse Whisper' Cloutier

The tale of a vampyre who being so consumed by his lust for blood is afraid of entering an eternity where he will not be able to drink his fill and will be forced to live in the shadow of his addiction... he takes some very desperate action. you'll have to read to discover anymore than that! tell me what you think.

Untitled Chapter Five

Jen Robbins

This is chapter five. I hope you guys are enjoying it.

The Citadel

Manuel Alejandro

Maybe one day we end up like this, let's hope not...

Chapter 25

Opal Parkison

Willow goes into the city to see what she can do to help. The Winglords arrive with the intent of creating a diversion, Arriana reappears and then things get interesting when more Dragons enter the picture. I'd appreciate any advice you could give me to improve this. I realize that the Winglords' diversion sort of fell out of the story but I just like it so well... Please make any criticism constructive. :)

Midnight in the Garden of Eden

Jason Kong

A poem about two people. Read and discover for yourself.


Blake Lewis

A story about a young girl braving the Labyrinth to emerge triumphant!

Departure Gate 02


Airports, I have come to discover, are depressing places; full of people either going away or being left behind. They are lonely places designed for the separation of souls. True, they can also be for reunions, but this story is for all those who have ever been left standing at the windows, watching your loved one fly away into the great unknown...

Prologue - 'Untitled'

Charles Willett

This is an unfinished prologue to the comic strip or anime video, still unsure of what I'm going to do with it and what the title is going to be and still in production of it. Most likely going to be a comic strip. It's about AI attempting to exterminate humans on Earth and the humans escape to the moon to rebuild civilization. Some of the humans get left behind and build underground civilizations based upon old magical beliefs, some humans are mutated by a virus released by the AI, some humans escape to the moon and rely on technological advances to survive all the while encountering new alien races.

Brotherly Love

Jenny Olivera

The challenge was to write a complete story in under 250 words. This one is 172. I don't know where the idea came from.

Chapter Two: The Whispering Roses

Abbey Fitting

I hate this chapter, i hate everything about it, but untill i finish the rest of the book/story i cant do anything about it at all. I would leave it off except you guys need to at least know what happens that the cracks. There is a lot more here then meets the eye (i hope you noticed :-)) I promis better chapters to come!


Razvan Haiduc

Porta Caelestis, Chapter 1

Christine Randolph

A girl tormented by her classmates and ignored by her parents dreams of a place where things are different, but may end up getting more than she bargains for when she accidentally opens a door to another world.

Porta Caelestis: Chapter Two

Christine Randolph

Sarah is locked in a closet after the assembly and dozes off while day-dreaming. When she awakens, the world around her is not as she left it...

The Sundering - Eve of War

Blake Lewis

A prequel, you might say, about the war that leads to the destruction of earth. Currently known in the Netherlands! Keep coming back to check out The Sundering: Part II!

The Door

L. Viner

About a door that guards the passage to the edge of the world.

The Trade

Taneli Virtanen

This is a short story of a man seeking power, he has lost his soul on the journey that lead to the climax descripted here. Now the he has reached his goal, but it isn't what he thought it would be.


Heather Nicholson

Why can I never come up with clever titles? This bit of dark Celtic fantasy has confused just about everyone who has read it, myself included. It's another case of a tale that wrote itself, but I'm not about to argue with my muse who has *finally* decided to pay me a visit once again.