The Black Diamond

Christopher Watkins

Queen Morion is captivated by a powerful, magical gem. With it, she can do just about anything. Without it, she meets the brink of insanity.

Story of Blood 1

Katie Williams

This is a non unicorn story! Oh the horror. I wrote it over the olidays, but its not finished. As it is quite long already I thought I'd better post this part. Look out for more...


Dewi Morgan

I've no idea when I wrote this one. Sometime in University? It was for a character background for a Dark Sun game. Strange that two of my stories up here are for thief characters: I almost never play them. A fairly naff one, I'm afraid (lots of 'tell' and no 'show') so this one will probably be one of the first to be removed if I ever hit my max number of stories.

The Lions

Dewi Morgan

I guess subconscious inspirations for style for the first part were the Harvard Lampoon's 'Bored of the Rings', Pratchett, and any number of less skilled fantasy humour authors. But then halfway through it changes to boring textbook style (inspirations: any non-O'Reilly computing manual). Needs a rewrite. Apologies. I admit it's naff. First attempt, so cut me some slack, OK? It took me two afternoons. I expect it to be part of a trilogy of independent stories about the same thief:'The lions', 'The Which', and 'The guarderobe.' (With humblest apologies to CS Lewis!)'The Which' will be a music/adventuring group (think 'the Who'). I know nothing about the band 'the Who', so I've not a lot to go on for in-jokes there. Let me know if you have any good ideas.'The guarderobe'... look it up. No idea if I spelled it right: Word's spellchecker shrugs it's shoulders and underlines the word in red. Tell you what: if it's spelled different to how you've seen it written, it's because I've used the older form of the word. Like 'shoppe' and 'custardde' and stuffe.Actually, ignore what I said about cutting me some slack. I'd LOVE it if someone took the time to dissect it completely, point out the typos and bad grammar, suggested more fitting turns of phrase, better plot twists, ways to shorten it...

A Bard's Secret-Chap. 8

Lisa Harbin

Owen and Gray return to his old home, the City of Gem, and to the home of Dragon's Keep.

Hollow Pass Part 2

Scott Holland

Sequal and conclusion to Hollow Pass.

HearingHeart SeeingSoul ~ Prologue

Michelle Andersen

I've had this plot running around in my head, for quite a few years now... I've started out the story a few times, but have never been satisfied with any of the resulting beginnings. So after taking a break (a long 5 year break) i finally sat down and tried to start it again... I'm still not sure i'm happy with how it came out, but i think it's the best thus far... So i decided to post this prologue here. It's all i've got written out so far, but like i said i have the basic plot floating around somewhere in my mess of a brain. And i will probably start work on the first chapter soon. Lemmie know what you think! :i)


Samuel Kingsley

Chapter seven of Peridot

Chapter 9

Candace Tupper

Hitomi encounters a boy who awakens the powers hidden the cristal embedded in Hitom's hand.

Prologue: In the Beginning

Brianne Hughes

Prologue of my other story 'Chapter 1: Meet the Family' Still in progress... I've been spending time away from my stories to see how they developped when I'm not looking. Critiques more than welcome!

Gem of Darkness part2: Cold Heart, Cold Destiny

Katharine Nichols

Last instalment, Tora, Jaith, and Hoturo decided to journey after the mysterious gem the Mystique Fleur. This is the beginning of their travels... WARNING: Do not read unless you've read part 1! Well, you can, but I can't garuntee you'll understand everything that's going on.

Cloaked Strangers- Chapter 1

Samantha Mannion

This is the first chapter of my long standing fantasy free-write. I hope for it to become a novel someday.It's about a queen, who makes a life changing decision in a desperate situation to make a deal with a corrupt goddess and walk away from the path of light she had thus followed. She has a curious daughter, whose curiousity cannot be contained which leads to her near execution. The daughter, Myra, escapes and makes unlikely friends and learns of the choices made by the people before she was born, and how the choices she must now make will alter the course of the world they live in.Hope you enjoy, I would love reviews/criticisms/responses :)

Chapter 6

Candace Tupper

Hitomi finaly returns to school only to be tormented by the mysterious Orenda.

The Dragon's Soul

Joshua Tausz

A poem about the finding of a Dragon-Gem. The soul of a dragon, formed by it's last drop of blood, and it's last breath. Such gems hold great power for good or evil.


Samuel Kingsley

Chapter six of Peridot


Samuel Kingsley

Chapter seven of Peridot

The Dragon's Gem - Chapter 4

Nicole Bermingham

Chapter four of 'THE DRAGON'S GEM'


E. Hanna

The story of a young crane in a mystical land. Dedicated to young love.


Heathyr Smith

Just a short little poem about a very pretty gypsy.

Lost Tales of the Dark Ages 3

Sasan Shabrou

The story of Salatar, Gem, and Vector continue.