Legend of Aliah

Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

A tribute to the Queen of Ice, part of the standard repertoire of any respectable Ailurian bard. Yes, my darlings, I have finally actually written music for it and will perform it on February 27th at my senior recital.

The rag doll of Seirian

Gwladys Sarie

Seirian, the copper salamander, and her friends, Muirgen and the other travelled with an airship with the island of three nymphs, limnades (nymphs of the lakes) to find a treasure.


Jennifer Rieman

In a world ruled by humans, and even more so by dragon riders, those who are not human are hunted, killed, and forced into hiding. If only the humans knew how inferior they were.

Endaria Chapter 1: The Birth of Gabriel

Erin Ruiz

Wee, chapter one of the first journal entry I ever made as a senior in high school. This was an ongoing thing that was never finished in my Senior Journal. This is just a little intro to what will be a very strange but interesting story. WARNING: There will be a lot of shounen ai/yaoi stuff going on as the story progresses, so watch out!

Chapter 1: Meet the Family

Brianne Hughes

In this part of the story, you are introduced to the main character and her family. You are also given hints of the world she lives in and what her magical powers may be. Comments and Critiques highly encouraged- an ongoing project... will take a while to finish but I need all the help I can get :D

Chapter Two: The Wellman's Plague

Brianne Hughes

Continuation of my 'Prologue' and my 'Chapter 1: Meet the Family'

Endaria Chapter 2: The Name of Gabriel

Erin Ruiz

Just when you thought this would be serious I go and through this at you. Enter Mandar the uke! Also, enter what could be known as 'the totally .hack rip-off,' save that it's not due to things that will happen in the next two chapters. And please pardon any bad grammar. These were done for English class as rough drafts and not finished products.

On Dwarves - (short)

Ute Fuerst

Did you ever wonder how dwarven children grow up? This story came to my mind when I wondered how a dwarf would become what they commonly are to most of us. Maybe I'll spin some storyline about the main character here one day, but for now it's just a way of giving it a more personal twist. I wonder if you can tell what exactly is wrong with him, before you reach the end.

Thorn's Riddle

James Anderson

A thief and a talking sword

Sweet Satisfaction

Faith Doerr aka Lerune

The story of the dark priestess, D'arby, and her beginnings. We are able to follow the fall of both her and her brother into the dark arts...

Changes-Chapter Four

Hali Pinson

just the fourth installment of my super awesome story haha yea right, anyway it's shorter than the others but it's still good

Bonds Between ch 6

Sarah Askew

Tek travles to the famous city of waterfalls, Ninrea, to retrieve the Moon's Smile. Although the inhabitants have much more in store for him than he knows.

Gems of the Amulet

Vanessa Merritt

I found it! The first (and finished) novel in the Aliarah trilogy. Shadow Girl is the second. It's long, it has some typos that I can always pick up in hard copy but not on the screen, but it's also got another world and lots of characters who don't conform to laws of science. Excellent.

Talon's Legacy - Prologue

Jason Romein

This is the prologue for the novel I hope to eventually write. This is over two years old, however, and I think it needs some revision...I will work on that when I get time. It's still an awesome story, though! =]

Endaria Chapter 3: The Life of Gabriel

Erin Ruiz

The point where it stops being .hack-ish. That wasn't very long, now was it? Enter the actual plot, or the start of one at least. And, voila, nothing is explained!