Elizabeth Cordes

This is an excerpt from a novel that my friend and I were attempting to write. It's about a general who gets flung back in time to gather the scattered shards of the light crystal, which balances magic with the dark crystal. Anyway, I don't think it'll ever get finished. Sorry if most of my works here are unfinished. I know, it disappoints me, too. hehe ~_^ And sorry if it's a bit long; didn't want to split it into two separate things.

Sparkflare the fox

Dylan Bruns

A Goblin general saves a village from evil humans.

Dragon Slayer

Mike Wagner

the first chapter to a book i just started...

The Guardian of Sacrifice: Part 3

Ryan Toner

This continues the story of Lorica and Deveo. I think I need to proofread it a few more times, though, so if you see any problems in it, feel free to leave a comment informing me. Enjoy.

Fleu du Elgoria: Chapters IX & X

Jon Bretwalda Malek

The majestic Brotherhood is introduced and help is sought out within its walls; the true light of Yanaton II starts to show whilst he and his partner meet; Blue arrives to an old friend;

Fleu du Elgoria: Chapter VI

Jon Bretwalda Malek

Prophecy and bizarre weather; Powerful Magic and secrets revealed; corrupt lords and - yes, that is right - death. I hope you enjoy & all comments are welcome.

Mercy and Merciless

Emily Karnes

An excerpt from my novel--hopefully finished within the year--Emerald Fire. The main character has certain impairments, to avoid spoilers...this is how she got them. Please, don't copy any names or original concepts. ('Therian' is mine! No! Off-limits! *makes little x with fingers* ...Please?)


N. Williams

Originally, I was planning on this being a stand alone short story, but now it's going to be a chapter in a novel.

An Emerald War

Victoriana Ravenscraft

Be gentle... this is a story written when I was in the fifth grade (self-explanatory right there, huh?).

Kay - A Demon's Story. Chapter 1

Maria Elmindreda L

The beginning of the story of Kay, a young half-blood demon, who is yet to shake up the whole Demon Kingdom... Kay is one of the main characters of 'Beyond Time Lies the Heart', a story written in co-authorship with Shanra. However, pieces about Kay are original and of my single authorship.

The Guardian of Sacrifice: Part 1

Ryan Toner

Well, this is a chapter of the main story I've been writing. It's really only a small part of the story (about 1/4). It centers on two characters: Lorica and Deveo. Let me know what you think or if anything doesn't make sense.

Prologue to The Way of Souls

Andrew B. Moses

This prologue is about a general called Dornall Foreman who is defending his island homeland against and evil tyrant called Mord Kahn. Please crtisize as much as you want!! Peace

They Didn't Stand a Chance

Lauren Manglitz

Poem about the last battle between elves and humans. Please leave comments and suggestions!!!


Jennifer Nelson

Hartley Irving Cheney, 74 died March 5, 2007 at York Hospital following a period of failing health. He was born and raised in South Berwick Maine, the son of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Cheney. Hartley served his country proudly in the US Army during the Korean War. His wife, Mary J. (Ensor) Cheney died December 4, 2006. Hunting and fishing were Hartley’s favorite pastimes. Members of the family include his son, Eugene J. Cheney of South Berwick, daughter, Lisa Nelson of Blacksburg, SC, 2 sisters, Evelyn Rix of South Berwick and Nola Swett of North Berwick. Hartley’s 3 grandchildren, Eugene J. Cheney, Jr, Jennifer Nelson and Jessica Nelson also survive him. There will be no services at this time. Contributions in Hartley’s memory may be made to the South Berwick Rescue Squad PO Box 157 South Berwick, ME 03908. Her Legacy His Story

Fleu du Elgoria Part I: Chapter II

Jon Bretwalda Malek

A failed attempt one the force of unity, and maybe a little treachery?

Fleu du Elgoria: Chapters XIV - XVI

Jon Bretwalda Malek

Four old friends embark on a child hood journey in a grown up world and although they leave with less than they hoped for they stumble upon something far more valuable; two kings come to a monumental decision;

Empire: Chapter II: Wheels in Motion

Siegfried Baumann

With but a few days of peace, war is already on the horizon. And this time it may be a war that will crush all.

Requiem for a Father

Joseph Wartick

A father is sent to war against unbeatable odds. Honor him.

Pains of Fire~~Ch. 6

F. Schultz

It's getting harder to come up with descriptions. Well, just read to find out what happens. Surprises are fun ^_~

A Twisted Ever After

Heather Drake

A somewhat typical story that I was forced to shell out for an english class about two years ago. Needless to say, my writing has matured since then. The actually writing could use some fine tuning, but the story itself I love. Just goes to show that anything goes in fairy tales. I'd love some comments because (when I get the time) I'm going to rewrite this in my current style and would love to make it even better. I made a horrible mistake when I first put this story up. I forgot to credit the spells/poems to my friend Jodi-Ann. I had her permission, but I was so caught up with getting my stuff published that I forgot to mention her. Jodi is an incredible person who puts herself before others and is always there to help me. She is one of the best people I know. Thanks Jodi!