In the Beginning

Joe Arenal

This is the opening story to a fantasy saga I am writing. It describe the beginning of existence.

The Sixth Day

sarah tasker

Okay, this is my interpretation of the first chapter of the biblical book of Genesis, only instead of Eve being the first woman, i chose to have Lilith (Adam's supposed first wife) be there at the creation. It is only the first six days of the universe, and is fairly short (2 pages on microsoft word). It is the prologue of what i hope will evolve into a longer story centering around Lilith and her life in the Garden and outside of it. i am and athiest, and this is strictly an exploration of the Garden of Eden story. the first bible story had always interested me, though i do not personally think that it had happened--it's possible, but not very probablye in my case. i don't mean to step on the toes of anyone who is profoundly religious.  this is not meant to be offensive in any way to any person. if you don't like things of this nature, or are uncomfortable with them, feel free to never ever have to read it. i will not be offended. thank you for your consideration. :)oh, and yes, i wrote "the sixth dat" somewhere by accident, but as i am unsure where exactly i wrote it wrong, i cannot properly fix it. be assured, it is supposed to say "the sixth day".

Creation Story

Che Joseph Monro

The creation of the world, mankind, and stuff.

And There They Shall Remain

Stuart Ferguson

A nephilim who survived Noah's flood thinks about the events of the Old Testament as he crosses a bridge


Robert Pole

My very own creation myth.

Gea and her Mother

Marijan Sruk

It is a mix of fairy tale and legend about beginig of life.

Unholy Birth

Randell Embs

Read Genesis chapter six for more information.

Chapter One: A New Dawn Rises

The beginning. Everything must have a beginning. Especially if it is to end. Thus we start with Eyris Gildon and all the dreams, woes, and thoughts that drive him to leave home and join the National Army. Voluntarily? In pending conflict with the country of the East? Yes and yes. And just what's this about the promise of dragons on the shore? Perhaps his new aquaintances can provide some answers...Welcome to New Athens and beyond--it's about to get bumpy from here on out. For updates on publication and distribution, please visit: UPDATE: ~This book is now up for sale in its entirety at All comments are welcome...  Especially the good kind.  :) ~Happy Reading! Latest revision: 12/12/11  

Crimson (chapter 1) - Becoming the Light

Samuel R. Joseph

Originally entitled 'Raindrops shatter like glass' (that was a working title). I've now decided to continue this... though at this point I'm not sure exactly where it's going. Comments are most welcome!

God and the philosopher

Marius Ernst

Ever wondered why a god would need a whole day to create light? This might be the reason. This short piece of writing is a kind of origin story, and at the same time a philosophical text. With special thanks to Naimah for some corrections ;).

Children of the Botanica - I - Sazal

Jorge Gutierrez

Domi is a young woman that has it all--looks, charm, intelligence--but she feels her life is drifting away uncontrolled and wasted. Determined to change, she embarks on a journey to search for a meaning and an aim to her life.

Genesis of the Realm of Magic

Christoph Seifert

I wrote the story for the background of the Realm of Magic. The Realm of Magic started as a so-called stock-mud, so it had no original story for its background. The story was not used in this form though. The narrator of the story is a renegade 'visitor'.


Xander Pierceton

A little blurb i wrote at 15 about the pains of broken trust. At the time i wrote this, i was pretty mad at the world for alot of reasons, but i dont live my life in this type of screwed up- limbo, i have moved on and now i have a lot of things going for me. The first part has a loose rhyme scheme, then it just goes to me commenting on a bunch of things.


Lasse Sipilä

This one started out as an idea of some simple blob-like, but intelligent, alien getting its pseudo-pods to some advanced technology, and merge itself with cybernetic parts to enhance its ability to manipulate surroundings. It sounded so odd that it should have some justification to its existance, so I wrote this, the story of its creation. The only work I've done on this character, so far. UPDATE: fixed the linebreaks that I screwed up before, making this piece hugely more readable.


Scott Yerkey

This is the prologue of a book that I'm working on that I've titled The Ambassador Line. Some of you may notice that I've drawn inspiration from Hayao Miyasaki's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, but I hope to get a completely different story out of it so don't criticize me because I already know. This is definitely not the final version, I'm still working on it. I hope you enjoy it!

Genesis 3. 1-7 (fragment)

Mari Pueyo

That's the very begining of one of my favourite stories. It's about... well, I let you guess, with that title... ^_^ I've chosen the begining because... because I think it's cute and it shows the patterns of the whole story. Or at least I think so. Yes, not very original subject, but angels are sexy ^_~

Genesis revisited

Oliver Nothers

Right now as I have written this, the people are preparing for this christian festival called Christmas... well, being a pagan, I tend to have a Yul (midwinter) festival just three days before that... I've been discussing with people about religious themes because of that, and - just on the way through - this came to mind and I simply had to smile... so I wrote it down. Hope you like it.

Genesis-Chapter 1

Kelly OBrian

Lynnea, daughter of a renowned courtesan, begins the ritual of accepting a similar life. But as she pursues a future where love is both trade and worship, Lynnea finds she moves toward more than she ever dreamed. Chance meetings and willful stubbornness aligns her path with either greatness or ruin.

Out of Eden

Che Joseph Monro

So he drove out the man and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden cherubims with a flaming sword... Yes Mommy, but what happened NEXT?

The Ambassador Line: Chapter 1

Scott Yerkey

This is the first chapter of my story titled The Ambassador Line. It's still a work in progress.If you want any of this to make sense, please read the Prologue first.