Then There Is Us

Rachel Novit

In the not-so-distant future, a new breed of humans are being developed, thanks to gentetics. Extremely intelligent and capable of mindreading. Keeping them secret is becoming a problem.

3rd millennium vampire

Daniel Krax

In the coming thousand years evolution has to decide to kick off mankind and start all over again. So this is a vampire story starting as science-fiction. With a difficult to find out ending.

Evolution - Prologue

Bradley Gibson

An experiment at the Cohen - Boyer Genetics Lab takes an unexpected turn.


Ian King

I wrote this litle piece after I finally completed Metal Gear Solid (Alright I'm a geek). I've always had a fascination with Genetic engineering and the 'Lone Wolf' assassin type. Killer sort of grew from that.

Freak High

H. Rummel

Ever feel like you really just don't fit in at your school? Wish you could go somewhere where everybody else is just as wierd as you? Welcome to Rosewood Academy for exceptional students, a.k.a. Freak High. Everyone here has a genetic aberration, caused by the ever-so-popular genetic tampering as an infant. Don't you wish the docs would just leave well enough alone? Update May 13: I've changed a few of the names, but nothing major....

Latents (pt. 3 The Learning)

Segun Williams

This starts in on the Lecture about the Genetic Basis of the Latent Phenomenon, then it continues as Rhoden, Don and Brin continue to learn to manipulate their energy.

Eleven O'Clock

Storm Weaver

Ethics and science cross paths in this short-story prequel to Storm Weaver's "Genome Wars" novel series.

A Brief Overview of the PAW


The Purple Alien World as of yet has no name. I know, it's ridiculous, but until I come up with a name for it, I'll keep referring to it as PAW. Well, here's the history of the PAW; backstory which (I hope) explains Xanthippe's people's reasons for their decision. Like the others, it might be a little inaccurate with the dates, but, who cares?

Blood and Bone chapter 1

Rebecca Munford

When twins Kiba and Kira are kidnaped on there sixteenth birthday, they have no idea what they truly are, genetically engineered humans, designed to live longer, they ae faster, stronger and smarter than anything the world has ever seen. Can they discover there full potential before they are slaughtered in the name of science?

Sallaeah Draco

Dolphin (a.k.a. Chris Rosenbaum)

What if dragons actually existed on Earth? What if something of them remained? What if they could be brought back? An exobiologist at Cornell University is about to find out the answers...and get more than he bargained for. This story was for an Expository Writing class in High School.

Sun's Quest: Introduction: The Foundation

Faith Doerr aka Lerune

I am horridly indecisive, I know. First this was the Intro, then Chapter One, now the intro again. I am happy to say that it is going to STAY the Intro. It is too different from the rest of the book (but necessary) so I thought it best to have it as an introduction, albeit lengthy. A lot of changes have been made here, as I took ALL suggestions to heart. i hope you guys like the (more) finished product. I am updating my Wyvern while I still work on Sun's Quest. Chapter One has shaped up nicely, and as soon as Chapter Two is ready, there will be more on this story.

Genetics of Tongue Rolling

Kristin Molle

A pseudo-scientific-study about the evolution of tongue rolling in Homo sapiens populations. It sprang from a homework assignment about useless traits. It's a bit sci-fi in it's subject and mention of genetics, but I consider it mostly humor. Well, humor for a poor lil' bio major, at least...

Back in the USSR

Kathryn Brands

um...this is a story I wrote for my science class....I was supposed to write a story, and in the story I was supposed to completly explain how genetic engineering worked (in this world) well, I failed..they loved the story, but were disappointed by my description of genetics... oh well!

Threnody 217

Sharon Coller

It's a 'Netic vs Norm world

The Seven Alphas

Charles Jacob

They were the first born, perfect among mundanes, gods.

Project X

Darren Bozzone

A government project goes awry when one of the people working on the project decides it's his and doesn't want anyone else to have it...


Johan Jartelius

Parental guidance of the 20somethingth century. My first upload. Any and all feed back is gratefully received.

Doors of Gods I

Josephine Rosén

On the planet of Mooretec a group of scientists have got quite fascinated by Earth mythologies and from that a virtual reality game and a number of genetically enginered monsters have risen. If you become master of the VR Mythologica you get a chance to travel to the World, where the living monsters can be found...

3038~Chapter One

Joanna Blaine

One of my shots at a pure scifi. Takes place in 3038, as the title says. The setting also influences another one of my stories, maybe in the same futuristic setting, haven't decided yet. Gen is a 'rat' as the police call her until she finds this boy...well he's more important than she thinks.

Twin of Three - Chap. 1 & 2

Lisa Sanders

The first two chapters of my very first, actual sci-fi story. The target audience is actually a much younger age than what I usually do. But it wouldn't be smart trying to get all techical with sci-fi when writing for adults who would probably know more than I. Let me know how you like these first two chapters: COMMENT!