“Just because I died doesn’t mean I’m dead!”

Catherine Brodie

I'm not sure where this came from. It's not much like I.. ever write.. =P


Dani Hall


Lover in the night

Rose Cowart

Working title. Aaelluria is a powerful battle mage, that has recently lost her lover Carcharoth in the heat of the raging war. But are the visions she keeps having of him returning to her, deep in the dark of night reality, or her mind wishing for her lover to return.

A Seed from the Tree of Wishes, Chapter 2

Yves Jacques

In which things get scary, and Pierrot suffers picturesquely.

To Bid Farewell

Evan Cahill

A man lost in his greif for his loss of his dearly beloved. Three years after his death he comes to see her.


Garon Whited

'Dead' doesn't mean 'finished.'

The Dark Hills

Stephanie Forrest

The Dark Hills was written spontaniously in a chat that I played a bard char in. You can probably tell (as I can) that it was written on the fly with a lot of other things distracting me. I'm putting it up because it later inspired a story, of the same name, that I am rather proud of. I lost the hard copy of the short story so I don't know if I will ever post it but I hope I can recover the comp file and post it for referance.


Garon Whited

Justice doesn't die.

I Am Ambriana

Kimberly Steele

This is kind of a ghost's story...not a ghost story but a ghost's. She popped into my head one night while I was trying to fall asleep and she started telling 'me' her story. I then added the other characters and the ending.

These Words......

Heather Nicholson

I don't really know why I'm putting this up....it's a short bit written at 3 o' clock last night. Have you ever gotten the feeling YOU weren't the one writing? that somehow these ideas were a gift from someone. That's how I feel when I write poety & this explains the feeling.

A Taken Toe Sock

Heather Moyer

Ever wonder where all those missing socks go? Maybe they help the people who are gone remember who they once were...

First Dreams

Ashley Muraszewski

Lyda is drawn into the world of the semi-paranormal: a sensei (yes, sensei) who believes she signifies all the bad things in life, a ghost boy who lured her into getting his body back, and a slew of mythological creatures she must battle.


Beibei Du

Just me experimenting with a new style and a new genre. I've never really read horror, so I've no idea whether this is original, totally cliche or whatever, it's just something I felt like writing.


Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Written a few hours after Inner Vision (yes lightning does actually strike in the same place twice), this one is for someone who continues to be an inspiration to me. I'm afraid I'm not one for titles, so if anyone can think of something more suitable, please let me know

ghost horse continued

nicola wright

an elvish girl runs away from home and finds the world is not all it seems...

The Room

Bristien Havenaar

A poem of a Knight who chose a fate he regrets. (2004)

CH.05 Acquaintances

Lora Sigmon

This chapter is shorter than most of the others, but don't worry, that changes soon. Yippee... Not much happens in this one either. I've got an art account, and I'll upload pictures on it, since that's just simpler. PLEASE COMMENT!!! :)

The Banshee

Caitlin McKnelly

Chained Souls

Kelsey Simon

This story I ment to give you this kind of depressing image in the beginning, i know it will sound emotional, but its supposed to be that way, trust me as the story goes alone, the tone is MUCH lighter, the intro is just ment to be a little extreme.


Kacie Goodwin

A poem about the ghost of a young maiden/princess, who is cursed to walk the halls of her fallen castle ruins alone and waiting.