Beauty - Poem

Tansy H. Pye

Not for the feint of heart

The Story of a Hero

Jermaine Joseph

Errr... well I have nothing to say except... HERE BE DRAGONS!

Alessio the Witch Hunter

Tony Hollett

This story is about a witch hunter named Alessio. He is relatively new to the business and its about how his new mission reminds him of all his masters' teaching, and how he has to defeat the evil witch.

In The Blood - Chapter 1

Tansy H. Pye

I have a few more chapters completed. I apologise in advance for any typos or gramma problems. As with Fade to black what I am publishing here is first draf. I am interested in your opinions and critique before I try for the final draft. I have a little more faith in this one being published one day.

Legend of the Shadow Ghoul

Madeleine Rider' Searle

This story just happened to pop into my head one day and I just wrote it down as I went along...

Lindsey and Her Reluctance to Co-Exist with Zombies: Chapter 1

Emily Oldroyd

Something a little bit different for Elfwood, I think. -Intended- to be infuriating, pointless, and generally very bad, but hopefully amusing too. Now, go and meet Lindsey, and enter her world, which is much like ours. Except it has zombies and stuff.

Nanette's Sonnet

Haley Hoekstra

A sonnet for another character, Nanette. She is a woman made into a living puppet by the vampire who claimed her.

Giant Insects In The Sky

Michael Roach' Jan├čen

Another filk - the text should say it all...


Nicole Frack

This is about a young girl who is tormented by demons that only she can see. They are real, but they are haunting her...trying to break her down. 6/7/03

Escaping the Ghoul

Simone v.d. Kaaij

I am running from the Ghoul but victory will be his and so I'll be doomed...

The Search for True Death

Trevor Evans

This was inspired by a saying I heard somewhere, 'If earth is your hell, what would hell be like for you?' This is the story of a man, possibly a wizard or alchemist (I have not gotten that far yet) who yearned to be made into the imortal vampire, but in his deal with the Devil he only said 'undead immortal' so as punishment he was made into a ghoul. In his transformation he was subjected to operations that were much like torture to prepare his body, but also separated his mind. Now the multiple parts of his mind (which have all evolved into their own personalities) are beginning to coalesce and begins to realize that immortality is not what it was cracked up to be. However being immortal puts a cramp on ending his life, so he searches for True Death and eternal peace... it sounds hard to follow, but I did not intend for it to be!


Hannah Smith

Vampyres. Some see them as cute aristcrats who live it up in posh castles. Not me though; these guys are damned creatures of hell.

Royal Tombs (005)

Tom Liberman

This story is taken directly from an adventure and tells the tale of a group investigating the tombs below the city.

Ghoulish Fright

Niels Rasmussen

Even a monster can be attached to something, but in this case it's not very hopeful

A Victorian Night

Julie Golick

This is a story of a night's adventures for a victorian high-society vampire. It is loosely based on a session of a roleplaying game I played.

The Dead Collectors

anthony coleman

A gang make their living stealing and selling body parts, until their past catches up with them...

The Spirit of Caedyn

Erin Card

The journey of a child's spirit who did not ascend to Paradise.

Welcome to Nightmare

Amelia Greenfield

The restless spirit of a long-dead girl traps the living in her nightmarish world, where they fade away into nothing...can the latest victim find away to escape before she too fades awat forever?

Almar Gothurdle and the Silver Bane: Chapter 2

Jermaine Joseph

Well, not much of a start maybe, but hopefully this chapter will make you laugh all the harder, while still wondering what is coming. How many questions have come to your heads while reading before? Well, this is chapter 2.

The Voices and the Boy

Jermaine Joseph

There's very little to say about this, so whoever reads it would have to make up their own minds.