The Magic Kingdom

Melissa E. Dagley

Oh what a disaster this giant makes in the little fairy village

Roneth's Saga

Sàm Crossley

Part one of three parts; he is an artist, a poet commissioned to write the deeds of Viking king, Bjorn's son Thorhalvi and ends up with more than he ever expected

Gedyrstig and Rumheort

Christopher Watkins

In a land where dwarves and giants struggle to coexist, the unlikeliest of friends find the solution beyond war.

The Kampos Chronicle: Vol 101, Issue 5

Kelsie Elizabeth

Why ever not? The combination of my two passions. And please excuse the poor journalistic format- html does not lend itself to newspapers. May 2004 1 pg

Tales from Berlag

Marius Ernst

This a compilation of three short excerpts from my Nanowrimo novel of last year. These are short tales the characters tell each other to pass time, and give some background about the world.

The Rainbow Stone part 4

Harold Alter

As some watch from the top of the plateau of Celtar, two growing armies fight for the fate of all.


Johan Nilsson

A short fantasy poem.

The War of Evelon- Chapter Five

Gene Erno

A Night on the Town The Festival of Glory has begun. The Wellington siblings enjoy the evening amidst the splendor of Westgate and all it has to offer.

The Rainbow Stone Pt. 5

Harold Alter

The conclusion of The Rainbow Stone.

Solution To Giants

Karl Boivin

A speech about how to overcome the Giants

The Rainbow Stone Pt. 4

Harold Alter

The new army of the lost country of Coradda fight valiantly to keep their dream alive, the hope to re-settle the Wild.

Frost Giants

Jake Anderson

Three giants guide a group of evil elves through a frozen wasteland.

Raven Flight Chapter Thirteen

David Rookhuyzen

Chapter 13 is here and its relatively slow in comparision with the other chapters. Its mostly involved in establishing Corean's every increasing role in the grand scheme of things, and the way the people around her are effected. The idea from this chapter came somewhat from a page in my original draft and partly because there was one line that I wanted to add to the story somewhere. See if you can pick out where it is!

Assult on the Dragon

Laura Ulrich

A band of giants decide to atack the dragon of the Gleaven Woods. Will they go through with the assult? Or will they think better of it and turn tale?

Darc King 2

Edge Brookes

The blue rogue takes them to the desert where they begin their journey to Mesai