Dentures, Magic 'n' Things: Beginning

Erin Luce

Dentures, like many things, can be easily misunderstood. This is the story of one person's quest to understand them, as well as himself, his family, and the reason why some animals have perfect teeth. Quote of the dentures: 'Be true to your teeth, or your teeth will be false to you.' –Anonymous

The Other Side- Chapter One

Natalie-Jayne Edwards

Nathaniel forces himself to be alone because of a gift he calls a curse, he can see the dead, he is on a mission to find his daughter's soul which was taken from the other side and placed in a clone of her, Nathaniel refuses to accept the legalisation of clones but can he accept his daughter now?

The Gift of Sight Chapter Three

Scott Houston

Chapter three of 'The Gift of Sight'

What to Get the Fairytale Princess With Everything

sarah-amy haley

You would expect the fairytale princess lifestyle - constantly being lavished with gifts, having your every whim tended to - could easily lead to bratish behaviour…You would be right…

Yule Gift

Stephanie Covington

The best Yuletide / Christmas gift I ever recieved ... no gift had more of love and selflessness in it than this one.

Loving Death

Michelle Warwick

I got this idea from a dream I had. Unfortunately, dreams don't give you spiffy titles to go with them, so you're stuck with the crap that my conscious mind could dredge up. Deal :)

Will Evil Prevail? Chapter 2

Kristy 'Saru' J. Plotkin

Sheri finds out Johann has the same power, Waneta changes shape, Sheri plans to lead Crescent Day ceremony

The Gift

Heaven Benford

A man, not of this world fled to Earth to start a new life. For him to stay here safely he had to adhere to a few conditions... a few conditions he didn't expect to follow.


Ana Barbulescu

This is just something I wrote to cure my writer’s block. It’s like I forget what my characters are supposed to do so I’m stuck with a great character and no story. That’s why I got this non-character and maybe I’ll concentrate less on making him realistic and have him do something. Yeah…right… I just wanted to see if I could pull off a grumpy frog character.

That Which Was Hidden: Chapter 1

Beth Master' Lewis

This is Alaidren Castenovac's story, co-starred by Deneb Kaitos..... they come into 'The Quest for the Atrium' at some point.... I just haven't, um... gotten there yet. This was inspired by Crystal Flinn's 'Layla'. Check out the rest of her works too, they're great!(That link better damn work!)

The Gift

Justin Krueger

This is a story I wrote for my Mum's birthday. The events on this stories are meant to reflect how I feel towards my mother. Cast - the female 'Mum' the first wisp, her husband 'Al, my step father' the senond wisp 'Me' the third wisp 'Aden, my brother' the fourth wisp 'Aja, family dog'

The Berzerker

Lena LeRay

The life of a lost soul (Chapter one)

Andy Fabianski

The young farmer have now the chance to get the gift of the eternal life.

Chapter 3 (The Gift)

Joanna Wu

A mysterious package...more about the the story continues

Solemn Gift

Barbara Hise

Just something I thought of, like people out there who 'see' dead people. Wouldn't you wonder what it would be like to live like that, the fear?

The Keeper

Samantha Turner

The Keeper was their God. He knew everything, it was that simple. The people of his village were ignorant; unable to learn. However, Khera, a gifted one, thought began to question the truth.

Amelia's Gift

Megan O'Neil

We had to write a children's story for english, so here's mine. I really liked how it turned out. There are quite a number of things that I should change or redo, but I like. ^.^ And sexsay Jeska is going to illustrate it and we might just publish it ^.^ Wouldn't that be great?

The Gift of Sight Chapter Two

Scott Houston

Yuki's adventure continues

The Truth Will Set You Free


Some presents are as much about responsibility as they are about receiving a gift. This started as a contest entry based on the prompt of Inner Beauty. It is amazing how people can give so much power to the things they believe in. They may look at the same one idea or emotion in a million different ways, and each version is then given a fresh life of its own. Be for good or bad, it is still an impressive thing.

Wolfstone's Journal - The Boonsword

Timothy Pontious

Sometimes the price of steel is not the same as its cost. (retitled)