OT_00_Dante's Inferno

Greg Nelson

Note: This is not a version of the classic poem Dante's Inferno, this is just me swiping the name to name this prologue involving a man named Dante' and lots of fire! This is my new project, called The Order of the Trinity. I have been fooling around with it in my mind for a while now and wrote the first draft of the prologue about a year ago. Since then I've revised it and put it through many of my fellow writers to critque and pull it apart! The Order is a group who believe in God and use His power to battle demons, vampires, and various corrupt things. For a while now I've been wanting to write some 'hard' Christian fiction. This isn't the type that always has a happy ending or something like 'I found Jesus, now everything will be okay from now on!' I plan to touch some pretty dark subjects later on... Anyway! The prologue introduces one of the main Characters, Dante,' as he passes a test to recieve a higher rank in the Order of the Trinity, as one of the Trinity Knights.

Dragon Night

Michael Volpini

I started this one 2 years ago, and I don't realy like how it came out. But since I ain't sure how to make it better, I'm posting it any way. Still working on the rest of the chapters, more proud of them, I'll post 'em when they're done. till then, hope you enjoy.

Karin Sawrina: Chapter One

Liz Schwartzers

This is the first chapter, well, technically second since there was a prolouge to the story Karin Sawrina. This is about Karin Sawrina and what the world has now become...

Dryad, Part 3

Sarah Wood

Here the story stops meandering at last and begins to earnestly stroll. Also, we meet two new characters, and the title of the story finally begins to make sense! Huzzah! The illustration at the bottom is my own work.

Dryad, Part 2

Sarah Wood

Well, I thought about wrapping it up with Beth's mysterious death at the end of the first section, but realized that wouldn't be a story. So! The adventure continues. Bethany and Jericho argue, as siblings do, and there is travelling to be done.

Will Evil Prevail? Chapter 1

Kristy 'Saru' J. Plotkin

Johann begins to question Sheri of her whereabouts, Sheri reveals her new power to Waneta.

Glittering Love

Andrew Randle

a little poem i wrote just recently.. after editting over and over serveral times, i have finally made it elfwood suitable.. and it will be my way of remembering how i met my true love :) it seems so unreal to me.. how it happened but i'm not going to give out everything :)

The Beginning

Elisabeth Nieboer

This is the first chapter of my favourite story. It's about how the main character, Kari Leigh Firestone, finds out about her magical powers, and meets the Dark Side for the first time.

The water in the Well Chapter 2: Coming Of Age

Tom Shine

This chapter is shorter than most, and moves along quite quickly. Read on!

Water Princess

Carmen Darkfrost' Gostelow

My first proper short story.

Santa's First Gift

Grace Cruz

Another Christmas story. It's about the reindeers going on strike- one of them gives a speech to Santa.

Karin Sawrina: Prolouge

Liz Schwartzers

This is the prolouge to the story of a girl, Karin Sawrina, and what the world has now become.

The Gift of Song

Lindsey Cotman

This little girl is just so sure that there are faeries living near her home, and she's determined to see them.

Dryad, Part 1

Sarah Wood

When I first lived in the Sonora desert, I was amazed by the genuine WEIRDNESS of the wildlife and weather. Coming from muggy, verdant Virginia, it was like another planet. I find that most deserts in fantasy literature tend to be of the Saharan type -- wind-swept dunes, barren sands, the occasional oasis -- whereas the desert I came to know in Arizona is energetically BURSTING with life. Very hostile life, but life nonetheless. In short, it deserves a story. Also, I am fascinated with the eighteenth century and alternate history. You're looking at an Arizona of roughtly 1850, here. Only it's not Arizona as we know it now -- It's Sonora, a province of New Spain.

New age

Frank 'coyote' Garcia

a story of an age of man that changed and may be about to change again.

A 1000 Prayers For A Wish Ch.2

Alexander Damien

The second chapter, hope you enjoy. It contains very dry humor, but I like it that way.

Lusus Naturae Chapter 3

Natalie Walsh

Chapter 3 the conclusion of the story... Dont judge me on the ending... lol in my Creative Writing class I could only have a 25 page story double spaced... so i kind of had to sacrifice the ending... I did what I could... but Im kind of thinking about redoing it... I just can't think of how... yet!

A Demon's Ward Ch.2

Barbara Hise

Phoenix Shadow is a law unto himself. He walks alone, always alone. It's the way he likes it. But now he's burdened with a child, a child with extraordinary abilities. Despite his wishes, his fate has been irrevocably combined with Konstanze's destiny. And now, in Japan, how will their destinies unravel?

Chosen Gifts - Chapter Four

Carrie Miller

In this chapter Eilayna is tested, and must begin to make decisions about herself and her future.


Carrie Miller

This is Chapter Five of Chosen Gifts. I think the title pretty much speaks for itself.