The Glass Fields

Alyssa Green

So I've been a horrible person and I haven't uploaded anything in a very long time. I've started a story that won't be posted up here. :( However I'll try to upload some more stuff now and then. This story was written for a contest a while ago. I hope everyone likes it! Its a science fiction...

Through the Looking Glass - Prologue

Geoff Litt

The prologue of a novella I wrote a long time ago. This chapter actually showed up in a magazine, but its quite old compared to my other stuff now.

What dreams may come

Cathryn Faerwald

Finally back to Ari and Lance! For pictures visit my other gallery.

Another Random Tidbit...

Krista Williams

  Alrighty.  I best be giving a background story on this one.  This is a story written from the characters of Trench Coats and Love Notes by Gloria 'the Bug' Bowden, who has given me permission to post my random stories.  This particular tale came at the end of an email I wrote not long ago, forgot about, and found while cleaning files out.  I had been looking at wedding dresses online, something random I really like to do from time to time, and found a great website.  I sent it to Gloria-la and others, describing how beautiful the dresses were.  I ended with the words "They're gorgeous!" and, of course, was reminded of Swell Well, one of the characters and pretty soon I found myself writing this little tidbit.  Then my train of thought chugged on to Swellisto: the Swell Well/Callisto possibility, which really doesn't like and Callisto, Rubix and I think sounds funny, quirky, and all around awesome.  The dialog used here in the flashback isn't part of the story.  It was something random that came out of my blonde brain.  If you haven't read Trench Coats and Love Notes, I really feel bad for you, you really shouldn't read this for there are a couple of spoiler-ish moments (besides, you wouldn't get what was going on, a normal thing for people like me anyway), and you should check it out here:'s part I)I got tired of typing full names, so I abbreviate most of the time with SW for Swell Well, Slip for Glass Slipper, Ru for Rubix, Hut for Cardboard Hut, Cal for Callisto, and Ch for Chainlink.  And I should mention that the Let Me Be Your Wings lyrics are from a song with the same title from Thumbelina.  Enjoy, friends!

Twisted Blood Glass

Tam Blaxter

This is a small spontaneous piece of writing that I did, mainly to play with the second person and present tense.

Song: Glass Child


...okay it was about a guy! ::Sticks her tongue out:: Kat you know who it is..::grrrr::

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XIV

Glo Bug' Bowden

Two items of note: I quote Dylan Thomas' famous 'Do not go gentle into that good night.' The character Dark Horse says it. It's in italics. I'm not claiming it as mine, but it is old, therefore public domain. Item number two -- I didn't like how Chainlink summoned his winged horse before. I changed it. Now they use magic whistles shaped like wings.

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XI B

Glo Bug' Bowden

Argh. I hated having to split this up. Sorry if I chose all the worst places. It was hard to find good stopping points. Part XI is the result of me sitting down and saying 'I'm going to finish this story by Christmas, dang it. And I'm gonna do it in twelve parts!' --and then working hours and hours on it nonstop. By the by: ADB stands for Agency Data Base. I have a request for my Mod: If there's anything rejectable about this section or any other of Part XI, please reject all the sections after it as well, so I can fix the problem and make sure my readers only get their stuff in order. It wouldn't work to have C before A or D before B, you know what I mean? Thanks. Enjoy. :)

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XI D

Glo Bug' Bowden

Yay; it's the longest installment of Trench Coats ever! I had to split it into FOUR PARTS! :D I feel special. What's about to happen will disturb you. It disturbed me.

Heaven's Ball

Charles Trowbridge

This is a surreal peice I wrote about 6 months ago(as of oct'02). I took it too some workshops and never worked it out quite far enough, but I think it's a wonderful example of a simple linier-abstract plot.


Charles Trowbridge

Like many of my peices this is a retelling of a classic myth. The ending seems a little forced to me, any advice on how to change it?

Drowning Man

Daniela Doyne

Hmm . . . I hope this actually makes it through the mods. The narrator amuses me, for some reason. Perhaps more than he should, considering this is only a short story. This was a tribute to a friend who's done a lot for me, and whom I love dearly. This was . . . well, my way of saying thank you. Wow. Amazing. This got Mod's Choice on the 28th of October, 2003. Thanks a lot!

Pick up the Glass Pieces

Emily Grist

I needed to write a romantic piece that was obscure fantasy. Glass hearts. Blue hearts. Melting hearts. Hearts made of dust. They break all the same.

Love Ballad To An Angel

Amanda Render

Seems a little odd to want to save a piece of glass. But sometimes the things that seem the most trivial, end up being the most important thing to someone...Dedicated to someone I thought I could trust.


Lauren Blewett

A story I wrote for a school project a couple of years ago, and came across the other day. I probably need to revise it yet again, but I'd like some input on it before I do. Not that great at writing scary stuff, pointers anybody? Please? Summary: Two girls. Friday the Thirteenth. Glass Bottles. Hell.

Through the Looking Glass... (poem)

P. Abrell

Iambic pentameter. Blank verse. About a certain strange natural phenomenon: mirrors.

Out of the Glass: Chapter 1

Monica Labins

Ever wondered about the secrets inside your mirror?  Sure, the world tells you that a mirror is simple a polished surface that reflects light that is bouncing off of your body back into your eyes, but is that what it really is?  What if there is a world devoted entirely to making sure you always have your reflection right there in your mirror?

Debauched Utopia

For all the people who wish to be perfect. The concept for this had been tumbling around in my head for a little over a year and it had been a while since I'd written a poem....10th.

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XII A

Glo Bug' Bowden

And it came to pass that Gloria finished and posted Part XII. And there was much rejoicing, yea verily, and the Gloria collapsed in her triumphal... HOLD ON! I didn't actually finish Trench Coats in this section, so no collapsing in triumphal glory for me. --yes folks, there's going to be a Part XIII...because Part XII was getting WAY too long, and I'd already missed my Christmas deadline by about ten days. Just to warn you; all that stuff I say about keeping my writing PG?'s a disclaimer, it just became PG-13. Part 12 is a bit more on the violent side. And also quite a bit steamier (lots of kissing. LOOOOTS of kissing. And not just kissing; PASSIONATE kissing. Yes...nothing worse than that though.) And by the way, there's one point in here where I put something in parenthesis, when I haven't done it (I don't think) at any other point in the story. This is because when I write for my friends I like to put footnotes, but i had to take them out for elfwood. Usually I can just put the footnote in the description, but eh...that one didn't fit. In fact, I could probably stick it in as an actual sentence. It's just a fun, and not that important, detail.Speaking of fun details, did you know that red diamonds are the most rare form of diamond in the world? --That's another footnote reference I took out of this section.

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part XII E

Glo Bug' Bowden

It's a good thing Elfwood is allowing larger portions or I wouldn't be able to fit this all on one ticket. I still tried to keep it all more bite-sized; this section is the longest. to say. As of right now I have the ending planned out and know pretty precisely what I want to happen (I was going to try and squash it all into this part, but it was getting just too dang long), but I have no clue when I'll find time to write it. I'm finally starting up college, and I'm uber excited, but that means less me time,, we'll see. I predict that Part XIII will be in two to three sections, but I tend to always write more, rather than less. Oh...there's a quote from Lord Byron in here. She Walks in Beauty of the Night. Needless to say, Bryon's old. -tis public domain.