Unnamed Glory, chapter 2

Claire Suver

This is the second chapter. What else is there to say? Read, leave comments. :)

In Search of Glory - Prologue (v2)

Michael Chui

Version 2 of my earlier work, but written in First Person instead. It's a good story, I think. I tried to incorporate the suggestions given to me in my version 1.


Wayne Hingley

...and again, a limerick

Unnamed Glory Chapter 1

Claire Suver

This be a story. Which I have wrote. I willn't have bad grammar in which version I have now upload!

Clinkscales the Dragon Poem

Jarrett Brown

I'm no poet, just having fun with rhymes and such. Don't really know why I'm even putting this up. . . whatever, its about a dragon named Clinkscales. If you read Wulfled you'll see this dragon in it.

The Path of Least Forgiveness

Logan Pickup

One day conversing with Shanra, she showed me the form of a sestina. On a whim I thought I'd give it a go.

The Letter

Michael Smith

When I uploaded the first copy, it was ripped down to 0 bytes. Kind of hard to read. Forgive the format; I'll improve it later.

Tale of Brang Stonearm

Matti Spets

A story of a warrior reaching for glory not found in this world. Not really my usual style, but it came out OK. I'd really wish to receive some feedback on this one.

Unnamed Glory, Chapter 3

Claire Suver

Yay! I did another chapter! I will soon have a fourth chapter typed. Read! Read!

In Search of Glory - Prologue (v1)

Michael Chui

Three young children, barely surviving the aftermath of an orcish rampage, band together, hoping to be able to begin anew.


Lydia Fleming

Alright... forgive me, if you will. This thing resulted out of reading Kafka. The narrator sounds a lot like the narrator I utilized in VOICE. I will warn you, this is meant to be interpreted. So much of it is symbolic that it might be a little scary (at least the first part). Also, I'd like to say I have nothing against people in the military. I know we need them and they're brave as heck to do what they do. My stand has always been that I just wish there wasn't a need for them to do what they do. I wish rights never needed the protection of guns. Still, all respect in the world to tough people. Thanks, and don't take this like an attack.

The Might of the King

Lewis Thompson

A sort of character study poem I did as an assingment in my High School Creative Writing class.  Poetry isn't exactly my strong point, but I think this turned out fairly well at the time given, given my skill level as a teen writer...  Tell me what you think!

Dark and Glory

Rebecca Schulz

This is rather dark, not sure why I capitalized some of the letters, but it made them seem to stand out more. I was frustrated I think.

Whither Do The Heroes Go?

Jason Romein

A poem I wrote, inspired by D&D. I tried for a mix of thoughtfulness, rhyme, and rhythym, and I think it worked fairly well.

A Grudge

Michael Ballmann

Another old story, but one I figured I ought to upload because it was an experiment in my style of describing battles. A short read (a little over one and a half pages in Word), but mildly entertaining. Yes, the story itself is nothing special (it's basically an add-on to the battle itself), but it's a description (not meant to be particuarly good either, just a test for how to incorporate descriptions into a regular story)...what do you expect?

Valkerie's Cries

Jason Hartsfield

Well, this one fell out of my brain and flew around the room poking me with swords until I wrote it down!

Dragons Glory

Sierra Sharee

I really don't know how to describe this story...it sorta sounds like a legend...

The Catalyst of Fate - Prologue

Brent Fisher

A tentative title. This merely sets the stage for the fantasy world in which my epic will take place.

The Dragon Green

Valerie Grabski

A knight goes on a quest for glory, and comes apon a sleeping dragon...

Victory March (song)

D. Hendrikson

A song sung to the tune of 'Shout to the North,' it is used on the homeward marches of the Kaljain and Draconian armies after their wars, to honor those fallen, and to celebrate the life of those returning. It will be used in my current fantasy story, eventually, and until then it will be here, awaiting critiques.