The Fantastic Five (and the hunt for the fifth member) - Chapter One

Tommy Brandt

As requested, I have begun the deranged story. Sit down comfortably and have a nice cup of enjoy.

Fairrin Book I ~ Chapters 1-3

Twyla McKee

A princess runs away from her matchmaking father, and finds herself in a land of legend... If you have problems understanding some of the words I use in the story, what they mean, etc, just take a look at my profile :) There is a little bit of a glossary up there to go with my stories for you all! Update, 4July08: Tiffa drew up two of my characters! You can find Princess Jessica and Prince Derek here:

2. Gnome

Twyla McKee

Well, someone wanted to know more about Rel... so, here he is :p


Emma Ådahl

Mutt is a Gnome... I'm not sure what his background is... >.> It's all mainly running 'round and 'round in my head! Make it stop! Eh hem... Anyway, yes. Mutt's real name isn't Mutt it's... it's... honestly, I can't remember! Oh, he MUST hate me now! Ugh, I hate it when I forget things... Well, this is Willow (will maybe talk aobut her later) first seeing Mutt. ^^ I think I did an okay description of him.

Mr. Hollow-Tree

Andy LeFevour

It's about an Irish family with an 'interesting' neighbor. (Go on! Read it!)

The Uglisest Princesses

richard laws

Meet Bob the fairy and Crumple-split-skin the un-moisturiesd gnome as they embark upon a plan of evil and nasty revenge on the cultures that made them outcast. See how they terrorise not only thier own kind, but also the human race and several birds as well.

The Smell of Wine: Prolouge

Matthew Akers

Assassins, rouge priesthoods, and a murder... what else can a fantasy story need? This is the first part of a story I got to writing a long time ago and never got past this. I've edited it heavily, and I hope it came out well.

Once Upon an Instance

Teresa Vogtman

A short story told by the extremely verbose halfling Hafkwort of Marishmar (Yeah, I know, it's a terrible pun of a name). It is about the first time she met her good friend an 8 foot tall gnome named Rauglamar. And yes, I know that 8 feet is gargantuan for a gnome. Anyway, enjoy!

Miss Winter Chapter 3

Reetta Järvenpää

The story continues...

The Forest

Sara Dungavell

I wrote this for writer's craft, but what inspired this story was a really scary dream I had when I was little.


Adam Prentis

This is a fantasy story, written in a fairy tale style, but it also has a point. I'll leave that for you to guess, I can only hint that you should look at the latin meanings of the names and the title - Noitroba. It isn't just a stupid name, thought up in the spur of the moment, but an explanation of the whole tale. Oh, and I had a bit of a problem deciding if it was more fantasy or horror, so enjoy.

Peter in Gnomeland

Stephen Walters

How a bored young boy discovers a whole new world almost on his doorstep...


Brian Buckley

About time I did another fantasy poem, eh? The title comes from the word 'synoptic,' which means (among other things) 'presenting a general and combined view of the parts of a whole.' As always, comments are welcome.

The Tears of an Undine

Allan Williams

 Seeking a perplexing ingredient for an archaic spell to help a friend leads a gnome wizardess to make new friends while evading old enemies - and an encounter with one of the most powerful of elementals.

Final Exam

Allan Williams

 When you're seeking accreditation as an Assassin, you need to take your final exanimation by the Guild in deadly seriousness.

Deep Mountain Times are Changing

Christopher Cosby

Deep Mountain Times are Changing Times are changing for Deep Mountain. But can it weather the change? Gimil, Thimil and Timil, dwarven brothers are certainly trying to do so. Ultimately, the three brothers must quest for a dragon to save the mountain.

The Fires of Betrayal

Deborah Soukup

Fairrin Part 1 ~ Chapters 10-12

Twyla McKee

Fourth installment of my chronicle of the human princess who finds herself in a land of legened - and falling in love with a prince from this land, a fairy prince at that! Update, 4July08: Tiffa drew up two of my characters! You can find Princess Jessica and Prince Derek here:

Fairrin Part 1 ~ Chapters 13-15

Twyla McKee

Final installment of Part 1 of my chronicle on the human princess who, while escaping her matchmaking father, finds herself in a land of legend, embroiled in a battle to save the land from evil, and falling in love with a prince of this land - the very one her father had last tried to match her up with! Update, 4July08: Tiffa drew up two of my characters! You can find Princess Jessica and Prince Derek here:

Shadow-Part Three

Jess Hanna

Gnomes....gotta love them. Based loosely off my brother *shh! don't tell him!*. The gnome is in the next story after this, or later on. Haven't desided yet.