The Blast Brigade: A Prologue

Xander Brown

A new story I'm working on.


Emma Ådahl

Mutt is a Gnome... I'm not sure what his background is... >.> It's all mainly running 'round and 'round in my head! Make it stop! Eh hem... Anyway, yes. Mutt's real name isn't Mutt it's... it's... honestly, I can't remember! Oh, he MUST hate me now! Ugh, I hate it when I forget things... Well, this is Willow (will maybe talk aobut her later) first seeing Mutt. ^^ I think I did an okay description of him.


Mark Kramarzewski

This, beyond all else, explains what it felt like for me to be in love.

Household Nuisances

Foz Meadows

Given that I wrote this a long time before 'Modern Household Deities' and that my favourite Terry Pratchett book of all time is Hogfather, it might be reasonably assumed that I have an obsessive fixation with the idea of strange, house-dwelling gnomes whose chore it is to make our lives difficult. I quite like it, personally. :)

The Gnomes and the Dragon

Alisha Dean

 A gnomish folktale explaining how gnomes came to worship dragons.

She Sings While Walking (Poem)


This poem is from the perspective of Death as she walks through the land on a day in late autumn.

City Fragments Resolved

Jennifer Cabbage

I wrote this while I was in Australia, over the course of a couple months or so. It's a poem, not a story (as should be immediately apparent!), but I think the concept fits well enough.

Journey Part 09 - Barnaby

Al Howe

All steps along the way...

Gnomes and Elves

Alyssa Korsmoe

a Poem. Depicting the two different sides that live inside of everyone.

Origins 2

Joshua Williams

I know I said there wouldn't be any more, but it was just that the first one got lots of comments!! Yes, I kept the same format, 'cause I'm just to lazy to make a new one.

The Kampos Chronicle: Vol 101, Issue 5

Kelsie Elizabeth

Why ever not? The combination of my two passions. And please excuse the poor journalistic format- html does not lend itself to newspapers. May 2004 1 pg

The Wyld's Children

Emma-Lisa Hill (a.k.a. em-j, Emily Bunny and Rabbitwolf)

Anothe rof my early poems. This one about elves and their kin.

Chapter 1: The Random Gnoll (cont.)

Aimee Igorina ' Duncan

There'll be a plotline around here, eventually...

The Yeiropally Gnomes Chapter 1

Dewald Malan

The tale of the young James Lorenzo's and his faithfull companion Frelopius' quest to find the Yeiropally Gnomes

Elves: A modern Tale

Dewald Malan

A tale about two elves, who are forced by the society they live in to try and escape reality. And once they've done that get into street brawls. It is not pro drugs, instead it's a look into the world of the lower classes of elves. Please also understand that I don't dislike Tolkien in anyway. In fact I love his books.

Starbringer: Chapter 1

Erin Ramos

My first attempt at Science fiction, though there's some old school dnd mixed in with it. Some of you may remember this from before the crash, however, I've made a few changes to the original.

The Races

Brian Jones

This is really just a brief history of several of the races that I'll use in my stories... this will come out as a prologue to the Cerise stories with more added to it later. Enjoy!

A Gnome Monologue

H. Rummel

This is an exerpt from my origional story, where a Gnome chieftan tells an ignorant Elf of the evil all men can do.

Frank and Lisa

ME Burnham

When I was a little girl, I asked my mom what the noise in the freezer was (the ice machine). She told me there were gnomes who lived in our freezer to make our ice. I remember running to the freezer and jerking the door open in hopes of catching a glimpse. I never could. So I wrote a story about a little boy who was lucky enough to meet my friends the freezer gnomes... ^_^


John sharp

I wrote this work after seeing artwork at another Elfwood member's gallery.  I found the artwork to be of exceptional quality, and obtained permission to write a story based on the picture.  This link gives you the picture below is the story.Have you ever felt your life suddenly got turned upside down?  Joseph was happy working as a huntsman for the Woodsman's Guild of Ranuck.  He was good at it, and the guild paid him well.  Then he encountered a gnome female.  A woman whom he had a hand in capturing.  And that was when his life started spiralling out of control