Don't Go...

Kate Frizzell

Lani is four, Ror is six. Ror arrived at the Hallowed hills when he was five. He's going to the Summer Sea for the Summer, and Lani doesn't want him to go. She can't go with him until next summer. Also, It shouldn't be Cy'ra she lays down next too, it should be Moon (her sister). Lani thinks Cy'ra is going to the Summer Sea as well.

Mabel Mabel Mabel

Rhonda Jezek

I love this story. What a strange thing. Uhm.. yeah. Help me out on this, it takes place in the future, but should it have futuristic references like dates in it? Or should it just be abstract?

Hunting Inspiration

Erik Jensen

With the unfortunate need to quell some people's obscenities, Elfwood has a rule that all language must be translated. This, unfortunately, takes away one of my favourite tools in writing, and I won't be updating my shelf, except for the occasional correction or re-uploading of old stuff. This is my goodbye-story, with fond memories and hope for the future all in there along with the whole story of my leaving. Happy hunting, all, and thank you everyone at Elfwood!

Foundation of Soldiery Pt. II Arrogance and Pain

Chadd Las Casas

Krell and Gendor learn swiftly the dangers of overestimating your weapon and underestimating the warrior spirit.

Paper Flowers: Opening

Tiffany Cruz

Just the beging of a long story, the angel meets up with the demon....per say.

Remembering You

Emma Futrell Fruhling

A piece I wrote in remembrance of my dad. Part fiction.

Taking Wing (poem)

Kate Jennings

A friend of mine was working on a series of stories about the fair folk who periodically enter and depart from our world - so I contributed this poem.

Come and Go

Leanne Daniele

This is one of my favorite poems that I have written. I think I was talking about the different people and things. About the evil inherrent in the world... *evil smile*. Hope you like.

Whither Do The Heroes Go?

Jason Romein

A poem I wrote, inspired by D&D. I tried for a mix of thoughtfulness, rhyme, and rhythym, and I think it worked fairly well.

Death is only the Begining

Jennifer Hartley

I wrote this for a Creative Writing Class

The Lost Prophecy: Chapter Two

James Grosiak

just chapter 2 of my new lost prophecy


Alexander Yusuf

This is another short story written for my cousin who isn’t a big fan of fantasy, but would try anything once.

Go Gently


This is a familiar story, retold with the game go (also known as weiqi or baduk). An understanding of the game is hopefully not necessary to enjoy the story, but it may enhance it. I've not been writing for a while, so please let me know what you think!

Gorbag part 2

Erik Jensen

We get to look a little on the inside of Gorbag's head... And it's pretty dark in there. 5198 bytes.

The Origin of Flint Ebenhoof

John Wenzel

Unlike my most other characters I use in my paintings, Flint was not born in the form that now holds, but rather was cast into being by the intervention for supernatural forces. This is his beginning: