Mark Neeley

A 'believe in yourself' type of story about challenging conventions about what others think are appropriate roles for you to play. The name of the goat is based on a real name, read backwards...

Dirge of the Fallen Angel (Poem)

Stephanie Nichole Small

A powerful fallen angel laments on his disgraces and his descent.

Magic Parasite

Pedestal Guy

The real Jim 2

False Heir: Chapter 3

Katie Hallahan

Chapter 3 of False Heir, a story in progress. Scira struggles with the upheaval of all she's known, while Niemh gets a friend she wasn't quite expecting!

Jim 2

Pedestal Guy

DO NOT READ THIS!!! Well, maybe you can now... It's been edited somewhat.

The Red Fox


A loving husband is disgusted by the horrific events that play out in front of him which involve foxes, goats and his wife. Flash Fiction Challenge #1 Stimulus: Red fox eats goat The challenge is to write a flash fiction with a random stimulus.

Bite Chapter 5

Amory Koch

Heh. I've been a slacker updating. But as I know have what I've written edited to my satisfaction, I'm going to try for more regular updates. This is two perspectives, making it a little longer. Curses replaced with exclamation marks. Yes, I know, swearing bad... but look at their situation! Letting a bad word or two slip is only natural....

The Life and Times of Jaran: Birth and Weaning

Blake Richardson

First part of the Jaran series.

The Rich Goat and the Crazy Gypsy: Part One

Erin Fiddler' Anderson

What is it about goats that allows them to show up in strange stories? Must be the beard. I have no idea where this came from, as I was working on a report on tuberculosis the day I started, but I'm extremely fond of it. Any and ALL suggestions on improvement are GREATLY encouraged!

Dorzicans: Intro

Aja Alford

This is the introductory part of my story. Basically Benabys/Dorzicans are humans who can take the form of animals. I got my inspiration from The Beasts of Barakhai by Mickey Zucker Reichert. Only they choose when they transform.

Only a Dream Chapter 1

Jade Johnson

Darma is stuck in the middle of the woods with 2 girls she doesn't know and one of them has a deadly secret. Darma will remember this night for the rest of her life.


Matthew Frantz

This is a character i'm planning on using in a furure story. I mainly did this to explore his personality and see how he felt on paper.

Magic Parasite 2, Jim 3

Pedestal Guy

Jim gets over his problem.

The Troll Slayer

Stuart Rees

First draft of a short story, hopefully the first in a series based on fairy tales and nursery rhymes following Billy Gruff and BB Wolf, outlaws. Like I say it's my first draft, and my first attempt at

Rain in the Vale

Matthew Deagle

This is actually a description from a story that I am currently writing entitled 'The Epic of Motnekero'. I decided that it would make a good, abstract poem hinting at the magick of the mountain goats (which possess supernatural wisdom and power in the story).

Chapter 2 (The Letter)

Joanna Wu

Here continues the story of Talin as she receives a letter from her father.

The Beggar Boy

Lars Hellberg

A story about a young fox boy who makes his living on the streets. A life of hardship, but also sometimes of simple joy.

Jim the Immortal Goat

Pedestal Guy

Jim the goat becomes immortal

Dungeons and Drag-ons Once More

Jason Romein

The third part of the 'Dungeons and Drag-ons' series! The second was written by Foo Sek Han and can be found here.

The story of the Sheepman, Chapter One

Opal Parkison

This is the first part of a story that happens after Faery is destroyed. The main character is a daffo, which is like a satyr... look it up if you're confused. Anyway,