Goblin Girls

Laura Peregrin

This is a goblin love story. It is written for my fiance, because it's his fault really - he dared me, said that there couldn't be a goblin love story. Well here it is...

The Seven Spheres, Chapter 1

Kyle Arthur

This is the first chapter of the story. The story of a quest to reclaim 7 magical spheres and prevent a corrupted old wizrd from taking them.

Happiness and Raspberry Scones

Martha Cundiff

This is a cute little peice of prose I wrote to show my creative writing teacher that yes, I can develop plot. It's aimed for children, but yet again, it's an allegory. Is there anything else a story can be besides an allegory? I think not.

Sparkflare the fox

Dylan Bruns

A Goblin general saves a village from evil humans.

The Fairy and the Goblin (part 2)

James Mills

An epic fantasy poem about the trials of a fairy and a Goblin who need to prove their love.

A Goblin's Cookbook

Abraham Markley

A hunter ends up with a meal he didn't expect.

Ansrith, Part II

Nicholas Chase

Ansrith continues his tale.


Janell Poulin

Yes, yes, I know it's not finished. I'll work on it later in the year. Which gives me some time. Not. I'll tell you when I update it, but first I'm attempting to figure out what happens next! Basically it's about a guy trying to find his wife in a strange world, and some very odd things are happening.

The Message of the Survivor

Rochelle Watts

A poor wounded goblin. There is bit of the idea of a Greek messenger and a bit of the idea of natives being pushed off their lands in this poem. I tried to match the meter with the staggering pace of the goblin. It still needs a little tinkering but I'm happy with it for now.

Wulfled Part 2 of 4

Jarrett Brown

After an encountering a creature unkown to him he sets of downhearted by the inability for him to attain aid by such a powerful creature. This disappointment is compounded with a fatal encounter.

The Growing Threat, Part 5: Chapters 13-14 (final)

Matt Jones

the last chapters!

The Wars of Beasts (part I)

PJ Kelly

I am writing this to demonstrate how, like in real life, the good do not have to be mercyfull, and the evil do not have to be bloodthirsty. And, this isn't that good a story, i know i could have writen much better, i just don't know what happened. :-( Anyway, expect part II in a week or two. Enjoy!

Four Realms, Chp III

Emil Johansson

This is the third chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.

Just Desserts

Andrew Ormson

The Two Travelers

Madeline Holven

Two lifelong friends must struggle to get their message to the King. My friend T.J. helped me on this one.

The Creature

Stephanie Sims

A womans encounters a creature out of this world, or out of her mind.


Samuel Kingsley

Chapter seven of Peridot

The Satyr Queen: II

Mike Prescott

The first thread in the tapestry of consequence...


Samuel Kingsley

Chapter four of Peridot


Troels Jørgensen

Ahhh my friend Skirt!.. He is one of the most famous of all goblin riddlemasters! This is actually one of his more serious poems! You might notice that he uses words like 'lillies' and 'flowerbeds'! (Quite nasty words if you are a goblin, but evil tongues tell that there is human blood in his veins).... The Lumberjack is a character that often appear in goblin litterature!