Vision of Truth

Cheryl Andrews

A poem about observations about life and God and silly obsessions that people sometimes have thinking that what they're obsessing over is the only thing that will make them happy.

Through Heaven's Eyes

Darryl Grossauer

The deeply devout Highpriest, Isfaelius, makes a pilgrimage to the holiest shrine of his faith where he encounters his God and makes a terrible discovery.

The Fall of the Angels

Logan Gonzalez

From an Angel's point of view, here is an account of the day Lucivar and his followers were banished from Heaven... A rare up-close and personal look at the entire issue.

Of devils and demons

Alexandru Moisi

This is more of a philosophical monologue about the reasoning of devils and why they do the things they do.

Loth Excuse Story 2

Yves Jacques

Story written on the fly to explain the presence of a portrait of my boyfriend in my Loth gallery.


L. Price

This is what happens when you read too much J Gregory Keyes (The Blackgod) and happen to be creating the whole elven language by yourself. I'm already working on the second part, so don't hassle me.

The Final Fear

Ashley Erickson

A poem that i did about the world's end. This is (i guess) how i pictured what will happen. I hope you like it!

Michael's Tale: Chapter 2

Garon Whited

Mike discovers interesting friends and facts.

The Coming of Asworn : Prologe

Jérôme Fournier

First true story i wont put up more until i have a couple of coment and i can correct my mistake in part one.


Elizabeth O'Connor

A story about love, about religion, about a goddess that shouldn't be, or doesn't want to be...she hasn't decided yet.

Christmas Poem (poetry)

Crissy Moss

An angel visits a man on christmas morning. This, along with over 30 other poems, is avalible in my new e-book. Check out my website for details.

Death of the Immortal Lover- Prologue

Joshua Boisvere

A man is sent a goddess to help him in life. He falls in love with her and they have a child. The amn is half elvish, so the child is part elf, part man, and part god. The goddess is killed, and the man and his son go to avenge her death.

Memoirs of a God

Dubhdara Field

How do you think of Gods? How do they think of you? I suppose no one will ever know the answer to the second one but I tried anyway.

Wanted: God, Chapter Two

Garon Whited

James discusses Godhood with the god of hidden things. Corym shows James around and asks an extremely disturbing question.


Gr4nt Br4nd0n

A poem about.. Just read the dang thing!

Angel Discrimination

Georgina Gilbert

I wanted angels to be shown in a different light, and in a way, God too.

New Order Chapter 1: April's Zenn (part 1)

Graham Butler

This is the beginning of the end of something that is currently in the middle of the beginning of its own end...confused? I sure hope so. Newayz ya I'm doing these parts in short little things because this is still being editied. Have fun reading :D

Prologue (Version 2.0)

Joseph Gnemmi

This a redo of my other prologue.


Booj PillowGoblin

This was a perversion of a writing my gran has on her wall. Boy howdy if she ever read this. O well. Sorry or the blasphemey. Squee.

A Chance Encounter

Mia McCauley

The first meeting of Zannah and Vinx.