Elizabeth Cordes

This is an excerpt from a novel that my friend and I were attempting to write. It's about a general who gets flung back in time to gather the scattered shards of the light crystal, which balances magic with the dark crystal. Anyway, I don't think it'll ever get finished. Sorry if most of my works here are unfinished. I know, it disappoints me, too. hehe ~_^ And sorry if it's a bit long; didn't want to split it into two separate things.

To Start Anew

Debra Krause

This is the second part of the series BEFORE the Silverclaw series. Ya, I know, it doesn't make sense. This is unfinished...

Book Prolog

Andrea Ferrell

This is only a 1 page prolog for my finished book that is currently in editing. I would love feedback from basic fans.

Alera-Chapter 1

Matthew Gardner

This is the first chapter in a long story I am currently writing to acclimate myself to this world.


Elizabeth O'Connor

A story about love, about religion, about a goddess that shouldn't be, or doesn't want to be...she hasn't decided yet.

A Crazy Cat Woman...

Christine Zambopoulou

An old lady who feeds the stray cats in the park. But is she really who she seems to be? A tribute to Bast, the Egyptian Cat-Headed Goddess, written after I came back from my trip to Egypt

Death of the Immortal Lover- Prologue

Joshua Boisvere

A man is sent a goddess to help him in life. He falls in love with her and they have a child. The amn is half elvish, so the child is part elf, part man, and part god. The goddess is killed, and the man and his son go to avenge her death.


Simon Dushku

My Creative Writing teacher thought this should be longer. Bah.

A Tribute to the Goddess

Erin Coats

I wrote this for one of the most important women in my life, my mother, my sister, my teacher, my inspiration, the Goddess.

New Order Chapter 1: April's Zenn (part 1)

Graham Butler

This is the beginning of the end of something that is currently in the middle of the beginning of its own end...confused? I sure hope so. Newayz ya I'm doing these parts in short little things because this is still being editied. Have fun reading :D

Governor of Shaia

Asrae Sinia

When a war between man and heaven foreced to the King of the Gods into making a decision to prevent it from happening again, no one could have guessed what was to happen.

What Would Shidi Legarro Do?

Aus Cushing

A chaotic paladin, an obsession with parodying tunes, and a somewhat deranged mun turned this already odd song even odder. Read at your own risk, and be advised that yes, it's a spoof of 'What Would Brian Boytano Do?', not an original tune or whatever. Sung in praise of Shidi Legarro, Celtic goddess of chaos, nature, and the void (don't ask how that fits together, you don't want to know.)

Wolfmaster Part 2

Gwen Alianna

This is part 2 of the poem story. this is about them and 5 caves.

Nisréaval's Song

Louise Boucher

Another curiosity from The Citadel. This is a traditional song which some believe Nisréaval once sang. It shows her dual character, saviour and destroyer, which the Dragonians seem to have forgotten. If you want to know how to pronounce the Dragonian then please read the pronounciation guide that is included with the prologue to The Citadel. Some of the English translation is not all that accurate but I have written it in terms thatmake sense in English rather than just translate the Dragonian exatly - which would not make good poetry. I'm reviewing the language at the moment and eventually I will update the translation but I don't expect things to change too much. The references to death in the poem do not quite mean death as we would understand it, Nisréaval is never going to die but she can bring about the end of things that are parts of her. Likewise she was never really born but she can cause birth or create things. Her bith and death are a kind of arrival and departure in a certain place at a certain time as determined by her. It's all based on quantum and different perceptions of reality, very simply Nisréaval exists only once in thw whole quantum universe and is able to cross between different realities. This song, and my stories, are only about her association with Midgard and the Dragonians though. What she gets up to in her own time is far too complicated for me to describe!

Shining Full Clear

Brien Miller

This is the submission version of Chapter 1 of Shining Full Clear. Thanks to many Elfwood readers who commented on the earlier version. This rewrite reflects many of your comments. The proposed cover is on display in Tracy Butler's art section here at Elfwood. Shining Full Clear is a serious anthropomorphic fantasy about a man who finds himself magically transported to a world populated by people in animal forms. With little more than his sword and the armor he has been given, he finds himself cast into the world as knight of the horse peoples unware of the destiny intended for him and the trials of body and mind that await. But dire events are already in motion and the fate of this worlds peoples now lie in the hands of a bewildered stranger.

Virgin Sunlight

Stephanie Kempson

Poem about a goddess of the moon. In need of polishing! Constructive criticism welcome!

Death of a Sun Godess

Jake Anderson

A myth about corruption

The First Butterfly*

Amber Silver

I am actually really proud of how this poem turned out. This is my second attempt at a poem in three days, after a two year hiatus! I tried to write a story of the exact same nature as this poem, but failing a completion, turned to poetry instead. This happened after I was inspired by Laura Hewett's poem, The Legend of the Fae. LOL, I hope you enjoy!!! Posted: October 9th, 2003 Updated: October 18th (Thanks everyone!) Moderator's Choice: October 15th, 03

The Lady of the Marshes

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

My epic. So to speak. A long poem that actually has a plot, and my favorite completed work. Some people seem to find it odd that I have it memorized. The tune is a slightly mangled version of 'Hush, Little Baby.' After I wrote it, it seemed to have a bit of an environmental theme. Now and again, I try to think how I could make the rhythm a little smoother.

The Tale of the Traitor - Part 3

Annika Secker

This story is set in a medievalish setting and comes with dragons, gods and magic. It was written by my incredibly talented niece Anne and myself. I'm insanely proud of this story, but I'm always open to suggestions and corrections (especially on the English, since it is not our native language). Anne can be found here. She gave me her permission to publish the story here as well. Summer 2007. Update summer 2008.