'Tir na n-Og'

Ben Peery

A poem about the old gods and the afterlife of Irish/Celtic mythology

Shackles - 02

Katelin Edge

Number... page... chapter... something one... I haven't decided yet. Unless you count the prologue as one, then this will be two, but for now, I'll uh... go away.

New Order Chapter 1: April's Zenn (part 1)

Graham Butler

This is the beginning of the end of something that is currently in the middle of the beginning of its own end...confused? I sure hope so. Newayz ya I'm doing these parts in short little things because this is still being editied. Have fun reading :D


Mia McCauley

Aslanna, the dark elf cavalier, realises life has lost all meaning for her following her lover abandoning her for her sister-in-battle. She takes her own life, quietly and without fanfare. But her stubborn husband has other ideas...


Carrie Baize

A personal affirmation, I suppose, I growled into the face of a friend in a day dream... but, it's really cool, if I do say so myself.


Brenda Dale

Men believe they know the decree of their gods. Perhaps the truth is they should not interprete the gods' will without their conscent. This story is about a place where the gods have required maiden sacrifices. The true form of the gods could not be farther from the truth.

Emryss 3: Initiation an It

Alix Fowler

A most singular Initiation into the Red Sun Order, and Kedar Edan.

Emryss: Epilogue

Alix Fowler

The Red Sun order its Scarlet Knights are the major force on the isle of Leihalcyone. Though they were once mercenaries, hired to help the islanders stave off the Armies from the mainland in exchange for land, they took Leihalcyone into its golden age, and ushered in a time of peace. Only one thing mars the Utopia, the presence of the Renegades, and the Vontulva. Defectors of the Red Sun Order, who threaten to bring war to Leihalcyone once more...

Draconic History of Iskar: Dyani and Infernos

Alexandra Sklaroff

The early years of the dragon God and Goddess, Infernos and Dyani and how they came to be known as the powers they are. The begining of a series of stories about important dragon figures in the history of Iskar.

Hudohii's Guide--Chapter 1

Anna Dobrowolsky

A dragon and her Guide, upon being separated and then reunited, only wish to return to their home, but are suddenly thrust into a fight for their; initiated by the ravaging god that rules them all. The question is, can they calm his fires and restore peace to the chaotic world? Translations of this text: “Ta fe grandei loc! Espir ui ay sontapharina cail embrak etoir! ” ---One is greatest alone. The spirit of the dragon will hold (haunt) you for eternity--the beginning to a warrior's hymn.' 'Firis teccoreles'--fire tentacles, or literally, throwing fire.

L'Histoire du Chevalier (ch 6)

Lynn Hodges

Chapter six - almost there. Here it is, the ever important confrontation chapter...

L'Histoire du Chevalier (ch 3)

Lynn Hodges

Chapter three. I want to add that this was my first attempt at a 'short story.' It was also the first piece I ever finished, which is actually quite a big deal. The title, L'Histoire du Chevalier is French for 'The Knight's Tale' which was the original title. However, given the French ancestry of both the knight in the story and my own husband, the translation seemed appropriate. This is for you, mon chevalier. It is chapter three of seven.

Incantations of Kathadin Chap 1-1

Jamie Provencher

A war has broken and the seals have been broken, the points stolen. Can Reachalla and her friends save the world while maintaning their sanity?

Incantations of Kathadin Chap 2-1

Jamie Provencher

A war has broken and the seals have been broken, the points stolen. Can Reachalla and her friends save the world while maintaning their sanity?

Legend: Prologue


A young Celtic woman is kidnapped by fairies... or is she?

(3) Monster Myth

Kathleen Quinton

The third myth I created for my mythology final. Speaks of a man turned monster by a pure sword.

A God's/Goddess's Thoughts

Michelle Morrison (May)

This is how I think that a god or goddes might feel after a war or battle or something. Again I remind you that my poetry seldom has rhythm or rhyme and that I'm happy with it the way that it is!

Godhunter XIV: The Great Pack

Jake Diebolt

With Arin, Ysdril, and the captive Casia in pursuit, the Godhunter begins a continent-spanning path of destruction...but not without purpose. As the war among the gods draws to a close, Asgath is eager to strike at G'rell, and Casia's prophecy of the Moon's Fall seems about to come true...

The Jewel of Luna

James Wright

As I said in my Bio, this story is a spin off of LOTR, but not really. This story is in the start of a whole new world. I will be updating this very soon.

Notes of Creation

Julie Brunette

Here's a short creation myth that I wrote some time ago for one culture in world that I had created and had been using in a lot of my short stories and poems that I was writing during that period.  I don't write this world very much anymore, but one of my friends wanted to see this myth up on Elfwood, so here it is.  I'm not too fond of it myself, and my style has changed a bit since, but enjoy? xD