Untitled - Chapter 1

Michelle Morone

This story isn't finished yet and it's very short. Reading it is the intro.

The Journal Of Adar The Prophet

Christopher Anthony

A little add-on to the book I'm trying to write. This is the journal of a prophet named Adar, who prophesized the return of the gods.

The Quest Begins (Real Heroes)

Stuart Gray

I can't really think of what to write, but please read my story novel and make comments. It may be long but it will be worth it.

Sewer Rats (Real Heroes)

Stuart Gray

I don't have much to say about this part. You probably wouldn't be here if you hadn't liked the other parts of my novel.


L. Price

This is what happens when you read too much J Gregory Keyes (The Blackgod) and happen to be creating the whole elven language by yourself. I'm already working on the second part, so don't hassle me.

Jestia: Vinestemmer

L. Price

This is a later one, about Vinestemmer... When the worlds of the Elves and Humans collide it seems that the Humans, who are in reality, knock offs of Elves, are the ones to blame.

'Tir na n-Og'

Ben Peery

A poem about the old gods and the afterlife of Irish/Celtic mythology

Gods' War


Ever wonder exactly what humble mortals mean to the Gods?

The Aklinnor

D. Francis

This is a poem that I wrote that goes along with a story that I'm currently writing. It's about a powerful gift to man from the Gods called the Aklinnor - a medallion which holds power over the elements themselves. Read the poem to see what man did with it. I wrote this one in a hurry and I'm not sure if I like it. Quite a few of the lines are akward. Let me know what you think

The Coming of Asworn : Prologe

Jérôme Fournier

First true story i wont put up more until i have a couple of coment and i can correct my mistake in part one.

Sinner's Song Prelude: Calling the She-Demon

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

Still the Prelude, still much the same. It's the introduction to the madness.

The Creation of Ayamar, Part I

Catrine Sandal

This is one of the legends of my fantasy world, Charbakin. Or Ayamar, which is the name of the entire world. This is the real, 'true' story about how it happened, as it is handed down from master to apprentice among the dark wizards (who aren't necessarily evil). They are the only worshippers of Tai-Danar in his female form, Rayhin, and they alone seems to know the secrets of how it all happened. I didn't really intend to share this, it was just for myself, but I posted it on DeviantArt, and people seemed to like it. So, here it is for you too.

Lords of the Realm

David Petrucci

A task is given to 3 lords by Embessor the god of light. This task is to rid the realm of the god of evil Settor and all his darkness has touched.

Memoirs of a God

Dubhdara Field

How do you think of Gods? How do they think of you? I suppose no one will ever know the answer to the second one but I tried anyway.

Chapter 2: In the Forest

Laura Jennings

A priest of the forest realizes an ancient power has been ressurected ...

Chapter 3: Lucky to Be Here

Laura Jennings

A defiant dancer desires past freedoms ...

Heritage of a Warrior

Dustin LaBrasseur

Inspired by Roshamon. The noblest warrior I could ever hope to know.

Shackles - 02

Katelin Edge

Number... page... chapter... something one... I haven't decided yet. Unless you count the prologue as one, then this will be two, but for now, I'll uh... go away.


Daniel Terrell Hood

The prologue of a book I am writing.

New Order Chapter 1: April's Zenn (part 1)

Graham Butler

This is the beginning of the end of something that is currently in the middle of the beginning of its own end...confused? I sure hope so. Newayz ya I'm doing these parts in short little things because this is still being editied. Have fun reading :D