Dragonsong - Chapter 5

Jay Morris

The ultimate chapter of 'Dragonsong'. Very pretty, say I. I suppose we shall determine later whether I will post more stuff on here or not.

Knights of the Golden Charge

Jayden King

This is a story that I also used in an english assignment, and I still use the world. It is basically a little battle story, I hope you enjoy, and all comments would be appreciated.


Rose Nicholson

Lessons in pain...

Midnight Ride

Sam Edwards

I wrote this poem out of sheer enjoyment, and voila, here it is! Enjoy!


sarah-amy haley

Would heaven allow sinners, for the sake of love? Something I sometimes wonder...

Three Questions

Brian Buckley

This is a sonnet, the first one I've tried that's come out any good. I'm still not completely pleased with it. The rhyme scheme is ABBAABBACDECDE, which is a little jarring for the reader, but it was fun to try something different for a change.

The Race of the Poison Flask

Leanne Daniele

I had to write this for English. It's one of those horror stories that I enjoy writing. I was looking up names and when I came across the name Evette I thought that sounded pretty kewl, I also noticed that it really does mean life. Hope you enjoy.


Kelsi Dick

I finished it!! This came from a dream I had, a really strange one...thanks very much to Ellen Million for the title, simple but better than the other one....

The Knight's of Nematon

Laura Pinell

This is the beginning of the Tear Rem series I am trying to start. I'm not finished with the first chapter but I wanted to get part of it up...typical.

The Mysterious Golden Roses

Rose Nicholson

Being a young girl without a degree in writing my stories have some lousy beginings, but I think this one is an exception.

Fish Ninja! The Greasy Fried Battle Of Doom ...

Bridgette Chaffey

*imagine cheesy Star Wars-style rolling writing* ... Long, long ago, in a fast food restaurant far away, an evil was brewing in a monsterous deep fryer. Not of this world, and possessing stregth of a very strong man and agility of a corndog, the creature was born of the evil golden oil and ravenged all those around it, until those who survived hid in fear of it... waiting for the famous and chivalrous (if that is indeed a word) hero who is... FISH NINJA!

The Rose of Elyited Field

Amanda Johnson

In reading a book about flowers I found that the Daffodil was involved in a Welsh legend of the Elyited Field, or Field of the dead. It said that the flower once covered the ground of this such place and is now used in funerals

A Sneeze

Aira Stewart

This is a happy little story about a girl and some fairies!! wow im in a strangly happy mood this is a first!

The Royal Frog

Richard Starfield

This is a twist on the fairytale The Frog Prince, heavily inspired in style by Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes

Nightshade's Tale (part 2)

Amy Chen

Thus continues Nightshade's Tale...featuring Nightshade's memory of her long, unforgettable past...

The First Few Steps

Siobhán A.Doyle

The first chapter of a story inspired by and RPG I'm playing.

Golden Tears

Amanda Moss

Sometimes the voices in the woods that call your aren't so sweet.

Survival of the Gryphons

Andrew Randle

Elemental gryphons were such legenary birds, they were like a mixture of a gryphon and phoenix breed, using this mixture and information about gryphons themselves, i designed this poem about them

My Golden Days

Daniel Oehlmann

Another poem, hope you like it.

Jack and the Beanstalk: a Tale

Laura Rostad

This was part of an English assignment meant to make us practice writing from a differet perspective. We had to take a common fairy tale and rewrite it from a different point of view. Thus, I give you Jack and the Beanstalk from the point of view of the golden harp...