The Alchemist and The Dragon 2/2

Joshua Moser

This is the second part of the story. This is the end too, so it's not getting any longer.


Sàm Crossley

First in the a series concerning Charlie Hawthorn.

Combating the Beast

Xander Brown

A tribute to Simone, Emily, Gardner, and all those other countless casualties to this fearsome menace that strangely enough, inspired me.

The Alchemist and The Dragon 1/2

Joshua Moser

The Golem is an animated clay figure of a human, who is a figure of the mythlogy of Prague. This is my first short story I've written, and also the first thing I've published, so be forgiving if it's cheezy. Emphasis on dynamic characters. I've divided this into two parts, since it was fairly long.


Ryan Graczkowski

Truth-verse: Three months, and already Adam can't remember...


Carey Williams

The two characters in the piece below, are my two most dear. They are the product of hours and hours of collaboration with a very good friend internet-related friend of mine, anyway I thought only fitting that my first piece (of what I hope will be many more) uploaded to elfwood should be about them. I do plan to continue and/or edit this, so I'm not going to give a description, please read, comment and hopefully enjoy! :)


Tara Williamson

A poem actually (suprise suprise) written after seeing some particularily inspiring artwork featuring a golem or sentient earth creature


Ben Brannan

A poem I wrote that I actually quite like. I don't imagine myself to be a great poet, but still. This one is short and I like it. 74 words, 1 page


Thomas Hils

One of a two part creation story of Oset. The second part is titled Creation.

Soul of Stone

Taelor Skinner

I think this one is pretty tragic myself,not sure where the idea came from.I never have any logic behind coming up with stuff,actually I jotted this down while researching for science fair.Ha!See,my school,you cannot destroy my creativity!Mwa ha ha ha ha!...=ahem=Hope y'all-my newest favorite word,I'm not from way out in the hills,eating bats or something-like it.


Isabel Dostal

Sci-fi with some fantasy themes (Tech so advanced its magic? Or is that the wrong way around?). Another beginning of a story I may or may not continue depending on inspiration and if people think it's worth it.

Journey in Nackora Bora Chp. 1

Tim Monti

A story about friends foes and a place out of this realm!!!

The Golem from Hell

Lena LeRay

One Day

Ryan Graczkowski

Truth Series - Fourth - Just because you're a soulless soldier doesn't mean you don't get a life.


Ryan Graczkowski

A mild college student suddenly finds himself at the center of events he never would have imagined.

The Journals of Maegil

E. Hanna

The ridiculous log of a magical scientist. Good for a chuckle if you have five minutes. **01-08-02: Fixed spelling errors

Products of Bordom: Battle of the Century

Lenore Towne

As it says in the heading, this is a product of bordom. I'll probably write more of these and I hope you enjoy them!!!!

The Long Hunter

Simi *Muffin Queen*

The Long Hunter returns to the world. What came before the Long Hunter, if there is only the hunt? Just an idea I had, and then wrote down, mostly to prove to myself that after mostly Dark Angels for two years I could still write in third person. Will there be more? No one knows.