No Regret

Dee Patterson

A brief look into the world of my newest creation, 'No Regret'. The story itself isn't very far past the planning stage, but I was inspired by the song 'Hello' by Evanescence, and this is what came of it.


Emily Kirsch

A poem I wrote for James Bowers' Death Knocks project. Took a bit of tweaking to get it how I want it... but I'm more or less proud with the finished product.

To Bid Farewell

Evan Cahill

A man lost in his greif for his loss of his dearly beloved. Three years after his death he comes to see her.


Michael Darling

Words spoken to a lost friend

Untitled, Sadly Enough...

Moni'ca Fly' Flythe

The first poem I ever published. It was written before I even entered 6th grade. I had no ideas for a no name is good with me :)


Artemis Heart

In the smoke above the pyre there is a tiny spirit and his angel...

Chapter 4 of Novel

Mark Kramarzewski

Second take of this too Our hero says goodbye to his childhood home. Since they've left the town, please tell me if I'm not consistent with the directions and other bits, I'm not too good with keeping track of the whole global thing

Taking Wing (poem)

Kate Jennings

A friend of mine was working on a series of stories about the fair folk who periodically enter and depart from our world - so I contributed this poem.

Fairy Tale (So Long For Now)

Brittney Scott

This is a poem I wrote and I turned it into a song, because is sounded much more better like that. If I could I would put the music on here to......but sorries!!!

Yanaraia's Leaving Chapter 2

Mark Gooijer

Yanaraia says goodbye to her beloved and explains the reason why in a story.

Chapter 11

Candace Tupper

Heart breaking goodbye leads Hitomi to an other world.

Down by the Sea

Alice Raven

I'm not sure whether this is a story about a deep friendship or something different, a sort of mental bond. However, the story is about saying goodbye. I wish all goodbye's were this easy. This is part of a series in which I'm writing about the magic leaving Earth, and magical/mythical beings leaving with it. Feel free to write your own story! Must be about a mythical being, and involving the loss of magic. What does your character/characters do? Do they go into hiding, flee the planet, perish along with their powers? It is up to you ^^ But don't repeat characters already done - keep up a variety. So far, I've written this story - unicorns and elves, and another involving dryads. Some suggestions: -Nyads. -Dragons/firedrakes -Magefolk -Gryphons/Griffins -Phoenix's -Pegusai There are hundreds of different beings, so if you feel like penning a few ideas, please do ^^

Missing You

Moni'ca Fly' Flythe

I don't know why i wrote this...I'm not bitter over an ex, or anything like that...hmm...but I do like it!

Chosen Gifts - Chapter Three

Carrie Miller

In this chapter, Eilayna says goodbye to Bel Ahnohl, and begins her journey to the King's City.


Monica Stich

This is dedicated to all my friends who will be graduating this year, Anne, Renee, Laura, Megan, Liz, Jamie, and Shannon. Here is an early graduation present.

Chapter 10: Returning Home... Maybe?

Allison Dollar

Is Mya ready to begin her quest?


Tiffany Dunn

This is one of the VERY few poems that I've ever written. I'm not very good at it . It's actually recent and relates to having to have a young pet euthanized when his situation became hopeless. (Cheery, huh?) Anyway, here it is...

Last Kiss


Sometimes, you're able to say your last goodbye.

Deep Breath Before The Dive

Darcy Abram

Eva is about to enter her final battle. She needs words with a soul that she's long lost.


Irina Goodwin

A poem that's really deep, one of the best I've written. It's meant to be a human who has fallen in love with an elf but the elf died (either in a battle or from a broken heart that they could not be together). The human knows that they shall never be reunited for the fate of mortal men is unknown whilst the sould of the elves dwell in the halls of Mandos. The human mourns for the loss of the elf and yet tries to let go, for she knows that her life is short and she must live on... and yet she waits still.