Fall From Grace

Joshua Bacon

The final step into darkness. Androval's spectacular plummet from grace becomes more than his soul can bear. There is no redemption

Graces Birth

Kristina Satterlee

I think this will be the start of Graces Series of short stories... i hope u like it.

Eyes of Sky

Lydia Fleming

This is one of my newest stories. I wrote it for a friend's b-day. It is a little more romancy than I usually write. The plot is good though. If you have read 'A Lesson' and enjoyed it, you'll probably like this one too. Have fun! And keep smiling.

Chaper7: Reunion

Matthew Sconce

Chapter 7 in the novel 'Legend'

Mortal Elf Song

Mandi Embree

I tried my hand at a bit of poetry about an elven male and a mortal maiden...i'm not sure if it makes sense, but i kind of like it. ^_^

Two Worlds Ch 4

Vicci Higginbottom

Kurt and Caleb arrive at the castle to warn everyone about a planned assassination. I have no idea what to call this chapter, any suggestions?

The March of the Dragoon

Charles W. Timm

This is the first version of the fifth 'I have Fallen from Grace' story. It has been finished, but not checked for errors. This is the second story that I had planned out before hand(the first one being 'The Traitors last Words'). I just remembered story line of it and changed it to fit the 'I have Fallen from Grace' series. Also, this story was inspired by the mile run in gym, seriously! I pretended I was this character that hour.

Friday the 13th chapter 1 and intro

Kristina Satterlee

Andra and her mom (And GRACE!!) ar living in honulu, where Andra is finding magic inside her. I don't know why this comes out uder everything else, sorry 'bout that.

The Light-Bearer's Sorrow

Natalia Kostylev

This is sort of like a follow-up to The Naiad's Sorrow for Christian mythology. I did this one just for the Hel of it, not too long ago. Oh, and so as not to offend anyone who's very uptight about their beliefs, no, when I refer to Lucifer lamenting god's 'love' and god's 'kiss' I do NOT mean it in THAT way. However, you may choose to take it that way if you want. That's your choice.

Two Worlds Ch 2

Vicci Higginbottom

Ok, I have chnaged this a lot since I was last able to upload. The story now has a name. Its called 'Two Worlds', Part one of 'Dragon Hunters'. In this Chapter Gunther meets with his brother Arcane and his Wife Cera.

A Burnyng Sun

Aaron Kuhn

Yes, I realize I spelled 'burning' wrong, its an artistic effect. This is another poem about angels. Okay, I'll stop with the celestial poems, but tell me what you think of this one.

A Ballad Of Love

Eric Ford

Love between two stardreamers, it is a sight indeed.... I have experienced it, and it is truly beautiful.

Aurora - Chp 1

Robyn Petrik

This is the beginning of a story about a fallen angel. Her name is Aurora, and she one day discovers she has been cast out of heaven and into the pits of hell. She must find a way to be accepted into heaven again. It's the first story I've really done that I plan to be more than 2000 words. In case you haven't noticed, I'm more of a poet than an author, so any advice is greatly appreciated!!

Demon story part two

Chelsea Pizio

this is the second part of my demon story, this does have as much suspense as the first part, but it's a very important I think.

They Came After Me

Erin Ford

umm, I really dislike this piece, but, at the insistence of one of my friends, I put it up. its just sort of a conversation between a couple of angels, it the spinoff of my 'fallen' poem. I'm at a loss as to what to called this piece. please, if you have any ideas, let me know, they'd be much aprreciated.

The Traitor's last words

Charles W. Timm

This is the first of five stories in the I have Fallen from Grace series that portrays a person and their fall from grace. I wrote this at school while listening to rather depressing music. This story is the only one I had actually thought up before I started the seires. This one is not meant to be a satire about anything, but kinda ended up sounding like it. One final thing, contary to popular belive, all IhFfG stories are completely different. Also, they are just short snippets briefly detailing someone's past. No IhFfG story will be continued, except for this one.

Two Worlds Ch 8

Vicci Higginbottom

YAY! I uploaded... I have not given up on my stories. Ok to recap ... no there is to much let me sum it up: the bad guys (jeff and gunther) had a plan to kill gunthers brother (Arcane, prince) and his wife(Cera, princess). Two boys (Caleb, 15) (Kurt,5) heard them plotting and ran to the castle to tell the prince (Arcane). Arcane told a guard(Grace) to take his son(Phaylan,1 1/2) and hide him, She left. Arcane and Caleb tried to keep the bad guys(they don't know who the bad guys are)from getting in. The bad guys were already there. They killed Caleb and burned down the stable (Arcane had to rescue stableboy(Garrick)). Then arcane passed out form several different injuries. This chapter picks up in the town where Grace took Phaylan.

Grace of the Gods

Cly Novak

First thing: I DON'T THINK I'M JESUS! Now that that's out of the way, this poem is about my religion and how my faith wavered slightly. However, I'm back to my 'confused' ways. And if anyone makes any comments insulting my religion, I will erase them promptly as well as be so pissed off I might punch a random person in the face just for looking at me. I LOATHE when people insult my religion because I go out of my way to let people talk about their's. So please, no insults.

Book of Antiqua ch. 1 and 2

Danielle Staab

Under a bookshelf was an outline of something. Something like a trap door.....

Apocalypse Angels Chp. 1

Robyn Smith

here is my new story... please enjoy