It's cold

Marianne Cassidy

I went to CTYI this summer and did a course called Writing for Life. It helped me produce some of my best work to date. Credit to my teacher, Yvonne, for bringing us to a graveyard for inspirational purposes. Never would have written this story otherwise. Anyway, this piece has been affectionately nicknamed 'The Dead Baby Story' by my classmates. It's somewhat abstract. Leave me comments! This story got Mod's Choice, August 19th, 2004. Go raibh mile maith agat! Someone high-five me! NOW!

Graveyard of the Undead

Oana Taylor

I was inspired in english. What inspired me i dun know, but you get the idea.

Black Night, Grey Dawn, White Mourning

Rhonda Jezek

The thought of this girl got to me so I had to write it. It's short because this snapshot of her really tells the whole story. I might revise it later, though, tell me what you think.

The Last Flight

Tony Sims

An ancient dragon awakens from a deep slumber to the realisation that he is coming to the end of his life.

The Golden Halls

Lydia Pine

 A ballad about death and spirits.


Sàm Crossley

First in the a series concerning Charlie Hawthorn.

The Package

Edmund Schulfer

Just a routine pickup, but for who?

Grave Errors

Abigael Casey

Written in late 2003 as a uni folio submission piece. Unfortunately, I didn't make it into the course, but I'm still very proud of this story. It had to be 600 words, and titled either 'Grave Errors', or 'The Wave'. No guesses for which one I picked! ^_^ It actually took me forever to decide which one I was going to do, and come up with a story. This is an original story, but thanks to Missy for Chael! ^_^ Please also check out the other submission piece, by going to my fiction press account, it's linked as my library on the main page! Unfortunately, it is not fantasy or sci-fi, so it cannot go on here, but I think it is one of my best pieces! If you comment there, don't forget to tell me you're an elfwood person, so I can check out your stuff too! Newho, onto a description of the story! ^_^ Chael is a half vamp with a mission, to rid the world of vampire scum! But with her human lover along for the ride, 'grave errors' are sure to be made...


Nicholas Ramsden

This story shows the thoughts of one of my most enigmatic and unpredictable characters yet. An immortal dedicated to the Destroyer, she thinks back on her life and the names of places she has seen.

Murder by Devastating Dreams

Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

A story inspired by Audrey Wildhagen. She gave me the idea about two years ago, and said I could use it. I didn't use it until recently, and also had her write on it too. Our stories were quite different. Idea: A girl is so in love with a vampire it's ridiculus. She finally finds one and he completely rejects her.

Journey Part 01 - The Shrine

Al Howe

You begin the journey...

Flies to Wanton Boys

Ross Thompson

    'Flies to Wanton Boys' is a longish kind of short story space opera, but with supernatural undertones. A couple of decades into the future, the Earth is suddenly bombarded by a huge shower of meteors that seem to originate from a vast radioactive cloud that has suddenly appeared in the Solar System. In order to investigate, the Japanese Space Agency craft Hirohito, equipped with the Yume drive- a device designed to safely accelerate the passage across space- proceeds to the area of Neptune, where the centre of the cloud is located. There, the Hirohito uncovers a floating graveyard of space-ships, of every possible shape or form, the remains of a vast space battle.      To the crew of the Hirohito, the graveyard promises the greatest scientific discovery of all time. However, to one crewman, Navigator Taro Nomura, the son of an undertaker, it is a vast mass of alien spirits, begging not to be disturbed in their final resting place. As the crew begin to explore the fallen war-machines, they find themselves suddenly possessed by the souls of a craft full of fallen telepaths, previously held in emergency storage in a vast crystaline latice within their ship. Only Nomura has the perception, and, indeed, the belief, to lead these lost alien spirits back to where they belong. Furthermore, the Hirohito is not the only craft attracted by this vast graveyard... 

The Necromancer I

Julia Rill

Hm, a Necromancer preparing his army for battle.


Shaun Ingamells

It was origionally supposed to be the first chapter for a story but then you know how things change and well I ended up with this... And im not sure about the title so if any readers have any suggestions... all are welcome and will be taken into consideration so whatever its up to you...

Angel's Tear

Liz Chadwick

This is just a little poem, like the written version of a doodle. Nothing else really to it, :D

Twisted and Beautiful

Emily Grist

Updated! I always wanted to write about ghosts. I realize this is an extremely fast-paced story, but I didn't want to spend a lot of time making these two characters simply chit-chat. I left most of everything up to the reader, and I got straight to the point. Maybe, one day, I'll write something of a prologue to this.


Ruth Petroff

this story is a companion to Succubus, also in my library. it really doesn't matter what order you read them in, they just complement each other. i'm just not sure about the length of it. i know the tabs on the dialogue are off, but i suck and i don't really want to go back and fix them...10.10.01~i decided that i didn't suck anymore, so i went through and edited a bit, and hopefully fixed those damn tabs that torment my soul...

Reaching Out

Imelda Weijers

Little exercise in writing in the second person. All names and dates in this piece are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental (Illustration created by myself, using Poser and PhotoShop.)

Journey Part 02 - The Doorway

Al Howe

Things change when you find a way inside.

Chapter 2: The Plot Congeals

Aimee Igorina ' Duncan

Houston...we have rising action. Mysterious events, cryptic strangers and a fun-filled romp in a graveyard...with a few vampires thrown in. Does it get any better?