Rebellion Part 04

Lara 'Qui' Krauss

Luci learns more of a history about the world that surrounds her.

Weep Not for a Memory (2 of 3)

Julie Gele´

Please read part one before part two. Thank you! :)

Chances (2 of 2)

Julie Gele´

Please read part 1 before part 2. Thank you!

Weep Not for a Memory (3 of 3)

Julie Gele´

Please read parts one and two before part three. Thank you!

A Griphin Discovers Trollfjell

Johnny Danielsen

In this story about a griphin (yes, spelling is intended... these are no ordinary gryphons) I explore a time when the tibbits and their long-time enemies, the griphins finally have established a peaceful relationship. I have some ideas to a followup to this story, but time will show if I get started on that...

Scales of a Different Color

Ruthann Weist

A young kirin, exiled from a corrupt herd, must find the answer to save herself and the freedom of her kind.


Valerie Pyles

The dragoons finally leave the corridor to go to a more permanent home. This is the last of the Euwalin stories.

Tibbits in Space - Chapter One

Johnny Danielsen

This is an experiment of mine, where I have put my tibbit-characters from the medieval setting I've written before into a more futuresque setting.

Soul Song - chapter 3

Robin Supples

This story is told as if one was reading the journal that Blackthorne, an quirky little elvyn mage on a journey to right the wrongs he left behind him at home, is keeping. He is my favorite of all my characters and appears most often in my stories. This particular work is copyrighted and I am in the process of finding a publisher. (No luck yet :( )

Rebellion Part 05

Lara 'Qui' Krauss

Luci learns some new talents and we get even more history of this world. Sure is a lot of history to tell isn't there?

Rebellion Part 03

Lara 'Qui' Krauss

Luci begins to learn a history of those surrounding here, and just why fighting is fast aproaching.

Rebellion Part 06

Lara 'Qui' Krauss

Luci's new talent is taken into a further extreme, and we learn about just how the half human Tynelo ended up in this magical world.

The Hundred

Brian Philbrick

This is another rough draft with Garren and his 'interesting' mare Elsa and a skirmish between horse archers and barbarians on a cool summers day.


Johnny Williams

My first real shot at a true fantasy poem. This could be about a faerie or a real person. I'll let you decide which one.


Christie Lovat

This is the beginning of a story I started writing when I discovered that almost every origional idea had already been thought up by someone else. So this is my attempt at writing something completely origional. (Hey, I'm a very optomistic person) Anyway I hope you people reading this like it and don't hold it's weird storyline against it ;)

Spider's Rose

Amanda Warren

A love story, inspired by a dream. Maybe to be continued, maybe not, depending on the feedback I get.

Chances (1 of 2)

Julie Gele´

Can a young Daemoness survive when she has been exiled by her own people into enemy lands?

The great Fantasy Ball

Aarani Kandaswamy

A poem I wrote, while an autoclave boiled

Rebellion Part 01

Lara 'Qui' Krauss

Luci is a mage living on our world completely unaware of her powers. However, fate steps in and she is introduced to a man who claims to be part Elf. Is he telling her the truth or not?

The Siblings Part Two, Chapter 1

Alecia Parker

This is a story of the three magic siblings after the Great War, and rebuilding is over. A story of what they think is more important, the past or their futures?