Happiness and Raspberry Scones

Martha Cundiff

This is a cute little peice of prose I wrote to show my creative writing teacher that yes, I can develop plot. It's aimed for children, but yet again, it's an allegory. Is there anything else a story can be besides an allegory? I think not.

Realm Memoirs: Oberon, the King

Gertie Poole

Oberon, the dragon king of the Realm, a sanctuary world created to protect magical beings from mortal persecution, reflects on how the Realm came to be and on his own role and status within it.


Teresa Vogtman

I know that this starts in the middle of a story. I lost the disk with the beginning on it and I haven't found the version that I wrote out in the car. Anyway, it's about a half-elf with a lot of secrets and how she befriends a griffin. It's pretty cute, plus it has Shandor in it. Again, no where near finished... :P

Fire Wings, Chapter 4

Amanda Wayland

Littlefire has found new friends.

The Griffon

Suzanne Collins

This is a poem about a griffon who is graceful and powerful, but is also a loving and protective mother.


Michael King

About a griffon suffering the indignity of death.

Shinwa Shiranai ~ Kouko Sennyu

Danielle Lamar

June 2, 2006 is just another normal day for Kumi Taji. A short fight with her younger brother, yet another argument with her father over fantasy books, another day of trying to put up with her irritatingly family... all very routine. But then she meets a stranger in the forest preserve, and her life will never be normal again.

A Day in the Life

Kehle Shandley

This one is a short one done in first person. The main character is Cythia Skyhawks, a famous reporter in the high fantasy city of Serenity.

Chapter 12: The Rescue

Petra Prinz

Since the opposite side forced their hand, our heroes finally decide to take some action.

Caer Falken

Christopher R Regan

After the cataclysm, Crystalmyst is a realm of chaos. Starshadow, Loquitor and Kittarina set out to search the land and discover things which will chart the future.

Fire Wings, Chapter 5

Amanda Wayland

Littlefire finds some answers and some hidden enemies.

Griffon's Heart

Karla Yen

This piece was inspired by a sculpture of the heart (as described below). When I saw it I was entranced by the wild imagination of the artist. This bit of writing certainly doesn't do it justice, but I hope you'll appreciate it nonetheless. Please leave comments and criticism!

The Story of the Griffon

Melanie Teichroeb

Just a light little poem I started a LOOONG time ago and finally finished...behold! The making of the first griffon! :3


E. Aust

This is a rather odd story i just wrote one day. It's not my best but i like it.

It Followed Me Home... Can I Keep It?

E. Greene

This little story occurred to me on a rather boring plane trip, when I was wondering how my VERY down-to-earth uncle would react to seeing a griffon. That amusing bit of speculation turned into this short story. And yes, I know griffon is the wrong spelling. But I like it spelled this way.

Internal Dialouge

Sandy Fangor' Moose

This is the Second of Five Short Stories for my Expository Writing class. Hmm... It's about Kianra/Shenma... Kinda weird... *shrugs*

Before They Were Heros

Kehle Shandley

This one is still kind of in the works. I know it's finished, but it's very short. This is the first draft only and the title may still change. If you look closed in A Day in the Life, you'll notice the pair in this story are in that one too, only in this one they are children.

Fire Wings

Amanda Wayland

This story is about a phoenix who has a hidden destiny. There is a war breaking out in the kingdoms and everyones life will be changed.

The Griffon's Tear - Part 1

Maria McGrath

The Land of Gamma is under attack from dark forces, an ancient talisman has fallen into the hands of a tyrannical ruler who will bring the wrath of the exiled races against the kingdoms of the blue alliance. It seems all the strength of Gamma's free lands will not be able to defeat the armies Terack Av-Nahie, not without a talisman of their own. In the Kingdom of Tier-Dohen a group of brave adventurers is being assembled, but there is little hope for the band of unsung heroes who must recover the legendary Griffon's tear


Dana 'Pixie' Fraedrich

A poem I wrote to go along with six pictures I have up in my Sci-Fi/Fantasy gallery about a handful of magical/imaginary creatures.