Rush part One ~story~

Erica Martin

Hey everyone, thanks for all of your help with 'Rush', as promised, I'm making it longer, I really hope you enjoy these next few chapters. I don't have much planned, so please give me some comments on what you've read so far.

Chapter 2 - Unnmaed

Marie Page

Chapter 2 of Unnamed

wolfe continued.

Mary Parker

this is something I added on to the wolfe thing.

Sensory Sketch

Kelly Kruse

This is a test writing for book eight in my series, 'Towers in the Mist'. It was done for a creative writing class and is done to appeal to the five senses.

Search for Freedom

Sarah-Jayne Briggs

The Earth has been attacked by an alien race, and most of the humans have been captured. A small group of humans has escaped capture in a spaceship, the Arabian Star, to find a new home and a way of freeing the other humans. Their only hope lies with their ability to work together, and a telepathic race of aliens who are helping the group for reasons of their own

The Wastelands: Prologue

Ace Furio

The begining of what I hope will be an epic, long story one day! Please comment as this is the first piece i have done for Elfwood.

Fairyland Support Group

Cara of the Universe' Jackson

AKA Psychobabble, the story of complete and utter nonsense. I thought it might be interesting to see what would happen if i took all of the charectors, or more specifically, the 'bad guys' from my stories and put them all in a support group to 're-habilitate' themselves. It turned out... very interesting. And as a rather interesting note, the charector Ryker doesn't exist. Unfortunately, no one has bothered to inform hin of this, and he's kind of taken over. Ah well.

Vampires Suck!

Dianna Arnold

This is the start to something that I intend to expand into a series of novels, just as soon as I stop getting sidetracked by other things.  I have every intention of one day finishing this.  I do.  Really.

Shopping in Old Town (004)

Tom Liberman

Adventure in story form.

Moonchild Scripts

Jade Hemming

This is the background to the Prologue, the very beginning of the story really. It's the history.


Jade Hemming

Now that's over, this is the prologue! The main beginning for the big hoo-haa that's about to happen. It's a basic beginning, not the full lot as i havent finished it yet.

05 - Pursuit

David Beaumont

This'd be episode five. Enjoy.

So Sorry, Bee

Mandy Vissering

The short story that gave birth to my pet story Triangles. :D They're bootleggers. Eventually - in a few years - I should be making a comic about em. But yeah.

The Quest: Chapter 1-2 Melahona/Eril

Megan Green

The Cry Heard Around the World

Amy Wolford

This is a short story I wrote for my Honors English 2 class. It is about a girl and her friends who have to save the world from evil people.

What They Were

Kim 'Kiki'

Picture yourself in a world where a misterios creature keeps stealing your kind to use in a nother world experament. Not finished, I know, I know I need to add more.

The Water In The Well Chapter 3: Travelling

Tom Shine

Ok, here goes my first attempt at action! This chapter introduces you to Anwen, Ellen's best friend throughout this book. I only briefly edited this chapter so if you see any mistakes notify me and I will try to change them.

chapter 14

Opal Parkison

Another chapter that until recently had been removed for my own reasons. In this one, there is another faery, and Skyle has a fan.

Young Earth

John Jr.

The story of one of Earth's first alien encounters in space and the ensuing battle. I'm not quite sure if this ones finished.

The Hunt

Sàm Crossley

Just a poem