Chosen 6b

Andrew Casey

Second half of chapter 6

The man in the mirror (a night shadow story)

Jennifer Berry (A shadow of the night)

This is my favourite, and I believe it to be the best piece of writing I have done so far. The first two paragraphs were one of those flashes of ispiration that dissappears if you don't write it down just then Then I thought about it all night and I just hed to finish it the next day. This is based in my fantasy world of Aldálon, and on one of my favourite characters: Night Shadow. (there's a map in my art gallery HERE)


Tim Veselka

We meet Palin and learn of his deeds

Growing Up

Erin Carter

A poem I wrote when everyone seemed to want me to drop fantasy and write 'normal stuff'. This is my reply.

The Temple Orphan

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

Yea, yea... not my best of titles, but i like the piece. This is a short story and a prequel-ish tale to my Sinner's Song stuff. ~cheers~ AND it is all about Nathyn! really, Luna?? How kewl... ~blushes deeply~ I feel special... Yep, it's a bit dark, but I like it.. so there you go...


Angela Knoblock

It's kind of an allagory about imaginary friends and growing up I guess. I think maybe I should stop reflecting on my childhood, it depresses me. It started out with a picture I drew that I hope to someday scan and add to this story.

A Secret Garden

Harmonie Perry

I wrote this poem for a councelor I once had...she became my friend, and helped me out of one of the darkest times of my life. She retired and now lives with her husband in a home they had built for them. Even two years later, I am still learning from the things she taught me. This was a gift to her before she retired.

Dragon's Tears

Aus Cushing

Originally written to refer to a saddened character of mine, it could refer to more than one.


sammy sims

At first, this poem was going to be about my RP character, Ivy-Kira. I was writing it, the poem veered off course and is now about a child and her magical friend... the little bit of magic that gets us all through childhood and, believe it or not, through adulthood as well.

Jove Chronicles: Lysander

L. Hoxie

First of several stories, all depicting the background of some of my role playing characters. This one is how Lysander came to be.


Frank 'coyote' Garcia

something i am working on. had this story on my mind for awhile. it is the beginning of a story about a kid who has grown up going to a mysterious forrest with his grandfather. they never go into the forrest. they just stand at the edge and stare down a path.

Scales Chapter2

Susanne Merz

The second Chapter of Scales.... who would have guessed... introducing the second main person, Chian-jaa, an ambasador from a race of 'angels'


Alyssa Bradshaw

ok so i wrote this story kind of about myself.. but with dif characters /setting of course.. also i only took 20 min on it (i was waiting for my ride from school :P) it represents to me the essesnce of friendship but the difficulties that can come between

The story of Baobor

Marius Ernst

or The world beyond, chapter VIII. No, wait don't run away. Although this is part of 'The World Beyond', it can be read separately. Harald is spending the night at the desert people, and tells a story for their hospitality. So it's a story in a story. Baobor is about trees, and a strange boy. It's a bit odd to tell a story like this in the middle of a desert, I know, but well, if you have problems with that, give me a better idea.


Kaitlin Hatman

Well I've finally submitted something! Unfortunately this is all I'll be putting up of this particular story (for various reasons). But I hope you enjoy it regardless. Also if you have any questions about the story feel free to ask.

Chosen 6 (Revised 2/18/03) NEW

Andrew Casey

After waking up in a strange land there are many questions left to answer. Where are they? Where are the others? How did they get there?

Chapter 6 (The Changing)

Joanna Wu

Things are changing, physically. What are the strange spells that Talin suffers? Is Bonba really who he seems, a funny old goatherd, or is he hiding something as well. What about the stranger in the shadowy the saga continues.