The Road to Ennion, chapters three and four

Louise Boucher

The journey continues and the plot thickens! You must have some ideas about what has been going on in Lorne by now and I'd enjoy hearing what they are, as well as the usual comments and constructive criticism. I hope you find this part enjoyable, there are even some comic moments. And I'd better mention my sister Rebecca who helped with some of the editing and laughed at the jokes! In Chapter Four a character called Asphodel(us) is mentioned, I can't give too much away about him but he's really important to the overall story and I love him to bits, really, *whisper* even more than Haydain! The next part is on it's way.

stones of a dynasty chapter 2

joshua hamilton

part two of stones of a dynasty


Katie Hallahan

The beginning of a story about a woman named Kaedra and her love, Simon. It begins with the attempted righting of a city government, which ends up going horribly wrong...

Chap 1

Sam Bryant

the first part of a steampunk story I'm writing.

44 - Intrigue In Inrar - Part 4

Rachel Pears

Part four, of a four part story. Mador (Master-Thief) suspects Senator Vellus is a member of the smugglers cadre. Zith (Assassin) buys him some time to look for evidence. N'Taien (Psycho Duellist Wulfen) gets out of control when discovered by members of the household staff. Please note this story does contain a fight scene that some readers may find disturbing. Note from the writer - please go easy on my grammar I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply.

Chapter Seven - King Of Thieves

Jason Bates

Azuri is introduced

...sort of between planets... 1-1

Benjamin Anthony Ickler

Everything changes when a mysterious creature visits Palenia, especially the lives of two young spellcasting guardsmen.

Ch. 1

Aubrey Walters

This is the the first chapter of 12 Swords, which I am so excited to have finally retyped. I don't want to tell every thing because i feel a reader should make conections between the prologue of a story, not the writer telling them whats what. But if you can't tell by reading this, yes the four major characters from the prologue are at least mentioned in this chapter. Oh and my favorite of favorite characters is in this one. (Sorry for the misspellings and rambling, it's really late for me).

Silver Sky Ch.2-- Ghosts of a Glorious Past

Lora Sigmon

This is, as the title implies, the second chapter of silver sky. I won't really go into detail about what happens but the camel talks in this chapter. If anyone who knows me recognizes some of the conversations that take place in this and future chapter comment and tell me!!!

Chapter One

Gannon Forlenn

This is the first chapter to a novel about an elf hero named Gannon who's brothers are stolen one day by three evil sorcerers working for the Grand Council. Gannon must travel to the Council's headquaters, infiltrate its defenses, and retrieve his brothers. On the way he must learn the four different types of good magic, and gather as many alliances as he can to help him defeat the evil in his world.

The Traveler

Brian Carpenter

Just a short story I made up, if ya think I should make more of it, leave me a comment or two :)

Fleu du Elgoria Part I: Chapter II

Jon Bretwalda Malek

A failed attempt one the force of unity, and maybe a little treachery?

Introduction: The Elf

Jakob Pedersen

This is an introduction to Mellin'Bata, the Elf, one of four characters in an upcoming series about an adventuring party.

Chapter 11 - Purifying Fury

Luke Simpson

Profile: Fantasy Villain

Michael Volpini

Same as the hero Profile, just with a villain instead, some-what violent, for warning. Again, kinda cliche, just pratice. Enjoy.

Ballroom of Fhynix

Nicole Russo

A meeting between Raynen and the soul she knows by many names. I will give more about the Fhynix lands later on.

The Disturbance

Travis George

A sniplet on a character from a set of short stories I'm compiling into a novel, specifically about 'cleaning house' . . . warrior style.


Corrie Meyer

When disaster hits Kent's ship... will he loose everything...

A Tale and Its Twin

Amanda Johnson

This a poem I wrote for a school project. I didn't like it at first but it's started to grow on me. It's pretty self-explanatory I think

Betrayal & Misunderstanding (A work in progress)

Andrea Roig

This is a fun work in progress (hence the title) that takes place at the end of my unwritten story. I really, really like this one and you can be sure to see more updates continuing this scene. All ideas copyright to Andrea Roig. ^.^